MK9 | Any Decent Baraka Combos?



I messed around with Baraka for a while in training, and for some reason, he only has like, one launcher that sets them really too far away to do any real combo damage. Even corner combos with him seem like they aren’t doing enough. I looked around online but still haven’t found any combos that anyone has come up with him, so anyone else have any ideas on some with him? I’d love to sub him.


Here are some combos I’ve been messing around with. Baraka really isn’t a big damage dealer because he’s meant to lock down in the corner. Almost all his specials send the opponent far to the other side of the screen so it makes sense, XD. Try to stay in on the opponent all the time. Once you get them to the corner, don’t give them a break.

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2, dash, f4, 4, df2 = 29%
you have to input f4 the quickest time you’re able to reach the opponent
with the kick in order for Baraka to have enough time to catch up with his
blade charge. can only be done mid-screen

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2, f4, 4, db3 = 30%
this is like the corner equivalent of the combo above. this can only be
done in the corner.
pretty hefty damage(for Baraka anyways) and meterless.

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2, f4, X-Ray = 43%
good damage in the corner if you’re going for the kill.

I tried the other specials, but they all whiff. I wonder if Chopchop truely
misses or not. but I couldn’t seem to get it. someone else could try and
see if it works.

corner only EX Slices juggles

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2~df2+BL, f4~df2 = 31%
nice damage. if you want to burn more meter, you could use ex for more damage.

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2~df2+BL, f4~db2
canceling this into spark, causes the projectile to miss. I recommend not
using it for this combo.

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2~df2+BL, f4~df1 = 31%
pretty nice if you’re trying to get fancy. do not recommend using another
ex for this; it’ll whiff after 2 hits.

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2~df2+BL, f4~bb1 = 33%
corner combo only. goes into chopchop. very useful and fancy. EX chopchop
for more damage.

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2~df2+BL, f4~db3 = 32%
corner combo only. a nice alternative if chopchop is too difficult to get
after the f4. could use ex for more damage if you can burn it.

j.punch, 2, 2, 1+2~df2+BL, d2 = 30%
corner combo only, but it takes them out of the corner, so I don’t think
this would be a good idea.

When the opponent is blocking corner jump-ins/highs/mid version of EX slices
*note: there’s no j.punch b/c I am assuming the opponent has blocked the
jump in or you decided to go for the low attack.

b3, 2~df2+BL, f4~df2 = 27%

b3, 2~df2+BL, f4~db2
again, using sparks in this combo whiffs. not recommended.

b3, 2~df2+BL, f4~bb1 = 29%
goes into chopchop. no one wants to get caught in this.

b3, 2~df2+BL, f4~db3 = 28%
nice alternative if chopchop is difficult to hit.


i hear baraka has some good anti rush down tools, this seems fun to me, I hear he lack damaging combos but I don’t mind having to whittle opponents health down. I generally like challenging characters with good reversal command set. I was messing with sheeva but she really isn’t as bad as they say and she still heavy rush down/mix up


Haha, he really is a very fun character to play with. I found a few more combos that Baraka is capable of doing that I didn’t list in my previous post that hits the above 30% mark, even one that hits as high as 35%(although you have to use one meter; no jumpin). I’m hoping to keep playing around with him more and hopefully find one around 40% with only one meter. I’ll be making a tutorial/combo video of Baraka soon.

EDIT: haha, 10 mins after I say I’m aiming for about 40% with one meter, I finally found it. I can hit 39% now. this is without a jumpin as well.


a lot of his moves have really fast starts ups, those feel ideal for snuffing and punishing a few attacks.

My only concern is that number of his commands do a lot of multiple hits, this may be good in some respect but I fear it will also give a lot of meter as well.


Some of his combos could use some work(by combos, I mean normals such as 1, 2, 1). none of them are considered safe, especially his b3 starter. Unlike other characters that can start a jab combo, and start another one before you can react to their combo. Baraka can throw some characters for blocking his combo, but others, its best for him to block before he gets launched or sent across the screen(some place he really doesn’t want to be).


you can’t rush-down too mindlessly on Baraka he’s got good wake-up options, how are people finding his mix up options for rushdown?


Haha, that’s sort of Baraka’s issue. He doesn’t really have a mix up option. You can pick at your opponent with either 1,2,b3 or b3 starters. Get them to start duck blocking to open up an opportunity to do 2,2,1+2 juggle. after that its all a 50/50 chance on guessing how your opponent will try and defend themselves from you. Or drop your combo early and throw them. There’s not much he can do to scare them from reacting, but you got to keep them guessing.

Also for combo enders, I typically do not use blade charge/blade spin until I almost have the opponent to the corner(like 2/3 or 3/4 of the stage from either side). Reason why is b/c blade charge/blade spin is like a reset in favor of the opponent, where Baraka has to fight to get back in once again. It knocks the opponent to the other side of the screen. Instead I go for slices, as it still drags the opponent to one side of the screen while also allowing Baraka to be close enough to jump in on the opponent or dash in to try and begin another combo/blockstring/throw.


Ahh i see, i like baraka as a character with his move set i find it fun conditioning people not too press anything on wake up.


haha, free grab opportunity.


Baraka corner combos…

Baraka corner combos… not much mid-screen but ill figure 'em out when i do more training mode

links in chains seperated by .
chains in combo seperated by -
stuff within parentheses (number of hits - dmg %)

1.2.bb1 [starter]
- d3.db3 (12 - 23%)

f4.4 [starter]
- f4.4 d3.db3 (7 - 29%)

2.2.1+2 [starter]
- 2.1 - d3.db3 (9 - 22%)
- f4.4 - d4.db3 (9 - 28%)
- f2.df1+BLOCK - d3.db3+BLOCK (14 - 28%)

2.2.1+2 [starter w/ xray end]
- 2.2.1+2 - 1.2.2.XRAY (15 - 36%)
- dash - b3.1 - 1.2.2.XRAY (13 - 39%)
- dash - b3.1 - d1 - f4.XRAY (12 - 41%)
- dash - b3.1 - f4.XRAY (11 - 42%)
- f4.4 - d1 - d4.XRAY (12 - 43%)
- f4.4 - d4.XRAY (11 - 44%)


Here’s a vid I made a few days ago:

-13 hits 26%: FJ+2, 2, 2, 1+2, dash, F+4, Blade Fury.
-8 hits 28%: FJ+2, 2, 2, 1+2, dash, B+3, 2, EX Blade Charge.
-12 hits 30%: FJ+2, 2, 2, 1+2, B+3, 2, D+4, EX Blade Spin. (Wall)
-8 hits 45%: F+4, 4, dash, D+4, X-ray.

I’m sure there are a few combos that do a little more damage but that’s really the best I could find. Also in the corner, you can: 2, 2, 1+2, U+4, B+3, 1 or 2, ender. Although that shit is pretty hard to do. Timing is strict so I’m not sure I can recommend it.

Baraka’s strenght really isn’t in the combos imo. He’s more of a mix up character.


I found this corner combo and it does 37%, with NO meter. My combo video will be up sometime later today.

2, 2, 1+2, f4, 4, f4~bb1, d4, df2.

more interesting info when I upload my video.


What? You’re telling me it’s possible to combo after a chop chop?!

My god I have to try this later. That shit looks hard to do!


Hahaha, its very possible. Here’s my video.

Well most of it is about using his tools since a few Baraka videos already list the obvious way on how to combo with Baraka from mid-screen. Even that reset option you came up with in the corner is very interesting information. All is left really is his special moves, wake up game, and the 2 corner combos I have.

I hope to play around with Baraka more and get some more out of him.


That’s awesome man. Great video. Good to know we can link an EX blade charge after chop chop. That will certainly help maximize the damage.

I tried to link a D+4 after chop chop in the corner but with no success. You sure it’s not character specific?


I didn’t test to see if it was character specific. Oh gosh, I hope not. The D4 after chopchop is pretty hard to get anyways. You could sub it with d3, but it’ll drop the damage down to 36%.

With Baraka, there’s really no use to save to meter and use xray, so I’m mostly using it on EX blade charges and occasionally his wakeup game.

After testing it against 5 characters. I don’t think its character specific. I tested Jade, Liu Kang, Noob Saibot, Sektor, and Quan Chi. Its just that the d4 link is hard to link. I really don’t have way to help out with this except to try and get the rhythm down. I like to do d4, SF style cancel into Blade Spin(db3)/Charge(df2). If I only got Blade Spin/Charge, then I was a too fast. If I got the foot, but it whiffed. then I was too slow


Baraka Up+4 is an over head, and its nice. It can also set up Back+3 set ups, Which can setup 2 2 2+1, Which sets up his most damaging combos.


That’s true. People seem to forget about that U4 but it’s a very good tool. I wish it were a little faster though. But it’s still nice to have an overhead with such range.


Forgot to mention that I found out if ex blade charge works after chop chop using this combo 2, 2, 1+2, dash f4. It does, :D!
It deals 32%. deals 7% more than the usual BnB(same starter as above, but does f4, 4 into blade charge). I just wish that regular blade charge worked as well…