MK9 | Any Decent Baraka Combos?



Put some time in with Baraka in training.

43% corner combo with 1 bar:


You can get more if you change blade charge into blade spin. Although its damaging, without the jumpin, someone can duck this. If you commit to doing this, better make sure it hits or you get comboed.


Thanks for the tip about blade spin, that does seem better. I probably wouldn’t be on point enough in a match to land it anyway. I’m pretty terrible at MK matches… but I’m having a lot of fun in the combo lab.


Got a combo video posted here for Baraka.

Baraka Combos:



Baraka fans rejoice. I’ve found a nice corner combo that does 69 with no meter… however I only got around to recording the 57 because it was starting to get irritating. The combo is REALLY repetitive and can be done any way you like as long as you add chop chop. I’m gonna try to upload it later today.


Sorry about the quality. I’ll try to clean it up a bit later


Here’s an update. sorry for all the posts


that’s awesome. I’ll give it a go and see for myself, XD.
The one problem with it though is that it’ll build the opponent so much meter, that they’ll break it.


Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the circumstances) they have to take the chop chops, but I know what you mean… as it is the combo would be nearly impossible to do… both online and offline. Also because of the chop chops you get a bit of meter gain so theres another positive.


That’s a nice find!

I don’t see how that’s a bad thing lol. They gain 2 meter and have to waste it so they’re back at -2 and you’ve dealt a good amount of damage while building a bit of meter. So it’s all good. :slight_smile:

And if they don’t break it for whatever reason (cuz they holding to that x-ray), then you get a big 60% or more. :slight_smile:


the linking is so tight though. Someone has to have amazing memory to match it down to get it off in a match.
It’s possible to get it off 2 or 3 times(my limit is 2 for consistency). anymore you’re kind of pushing it.


You and me both. In an actual match the most I managed to get was 4… that was sheer luck.


I never looked at it that way. Now the only problem is timing it


I have been messing with the Tarkatan General since the begining, the most damage I have gotten is (with out corner) 47% if you Jp.1, B3, 1 dash B3,1 dash B1 X-Ray. Hopefully I will be able to post a baraka vid soon.


I just found a cheap way to win with baraka but Im working on mixing some other shit in. Get the fucker in the corner and knock his ass down. The keep doing easy kill combo with about a second between each one so the enemy has time to get back up. Since the last hit of the combo knocks the guy down regardless of if he is blocking or not it is unstoppable without a breaker. i got alot of hate mail already doing this lmfao. every 2 or three times Ill throw in a shredder blade spin or the down forward lowpunch special which is three hits in itself. Maybe this will help some of you figure out a good juggle since you will have more time to practice and less time getting owned. Baraka is my fav and I wouldnt want to give him a bad rap so use it wisely or prepare for hate mail lol.


With an X-Ray but here’s one.