MK9 | Baraka help

I posted this in the baraka forum but to be honest, I really don’t think a heck of a lot of people go there. I hope you don’t mind me posting here.

How do you use Baraka?

I’ve been thinking of switching to baraka, i like his moveset. But I just cant figure out how to properly use him… so far from what I can tell he is good at medium range as a aggressively defensive fighter using mixups to control the rhythm and distance. His combos seem very unreliable online (where I play 99% of the time) and you can get more damage by using his meter with enhanced moves instead of the Xray. His specials seem best to be used as counter attacks and not leading attacks and I’ve had better luck using his generic combos and 1 to 2 hit strings instead of long combos also.

But actually applying him consistently well in battle is the hard part, wtf do i do? He is so damn slow, he doesn’t have a single good poke compared to the rest of the cast and everything he does is extremely punishable.

I feel he is a really unique character and probably has his own very individual play style with possibly potential threats no one else has. one of the reasons I would like to main him.

Tom Brady himself has said that Baraka is the only real shit character in the game. Might want to start looking at a different one :stuck_out_tongue:

How about being a little more constructive other than saying hes a shit character. We all know the game is being tweaked, and he also said just pick a character you like, thats more important. And regardless of where he stands on the tier he can still be learned to be played to the best of his abilities and im just looking for help on how.

Tom Brady doesn’t main Baraka though.

I’d like to think that Baraka is better than people think right now. I’m sure some pros out there will pick him up and surprise a lot of people.


Baraka is a shit character in MK9. There, I sugar coated it for you.

Also, please post any Character specific threads in that characters subforum. thanks.

Ah seriously, Baraka is a good character!! I main him Scorpion and Cyrax! I actually kick a$$ with Baraka:D

I main [COLOR=black]Baraka[/COLOR] and I like to think I’m pretty damn good. 9/10 fights with him I tend not to get bodied. He to get is [COLOR=black]akward[/COLOR] to learn and the damage scaling still in my opinion needs more work. His chop chop should be followed up by more then just blade charge or demon kicks. If you [COLOR=black]partice[/COLOR] hard enough with him I think he is worth while to learn. His combos are a bit more familiar withs [COLOR=black]Quan[/COLOR] Chi and [COLOR=black]kano[/COLOR] so the learning curve if you used those said charters are not that bad to learn from and have them apply to [COLOR=black]Baraka[/COLOR]. I still need some help but I think this thread is dead but I will post this just to see any sort of activity.

Baraka is very under used, if your going to play alot of online matches you’ll probably win alot of matches just because most people don’t know the match up. He does need some work. For some real help I would suggest getting on just because their more active then the boards here.

He is C tier after the patch. You have to learn how to do d1 slices pressure. EX blade charge is your friend, and makes many of his matchups that much easier. Also, learn his resets. In the corner all of these end in a reset:

B3,1 B3,1 B3,1
2, 2 1+2 B3,1 B3,1
2, 2 1+2 chop chop

And now I realize this thread is super old. Ahhhh welll

I believe Baraka is an absolute animal in this game.
Corner or no corner I find him pretty easy to get in with.
He can punish almost anything with his reset.
His mix-ups are very deceiving and lead to further mind games. His damage is alright imo.
Plus his Chop Chop can catch Mileena’s annoying d4 poke.

I save all of my bar for EX Blade Charge, if my opponent gets away I need to put them back in the corner.
But even out of the corner I find him pretty reliable. He may not be Kabal or Cyrax, but Raka is FAR from a shit character.

I’ve logged over 800 wins so far with him alone. His blade charge almost goes full screen without the ex bar being used but that beautiful blade ex blade spin off of 2,2,1+2 or b3,b2 ex blade spin into blade charge.

Yeah I still play this game.

For those of you saying Baraka is a shit character you just haven’t figured him out yet. To everyone else, his lockdown moves here:
F3,3( it might be f3, f3)
F3, blade charge(punishable by uppercut so use sparingly)
F3, chop chop blades
F3,df1(punishable by uppercut so use sparingly)
Safe strings:
2,2, 1+2
The eye poke.
Good pokes:
D1(dear sweet moses it works and after two or three you can get a blade charge in for some unexpected pain)
F4(good for resets at mid or ends of combos.)
Hopefully this small bit of information will help you out in your battles. Now go out there and carve em up