MK9: [Beginner] Strategies?


Hey all!

I’m pretty new to MK, and I decided to buy it after playing 200-odd games round my mates (all of which I lost).
At the moment, my strategy is play as scorpion, bring out some combos, and overhead when they crouch. Or try to learn some combos with Kung-lao/Jade/Reptile.
I chose the last 3 characters as I heard they are good rushdown/mix-up/zoning characters respectively, but quite frankly, I dont see how they can be that differing in their play styles.
I should not, at the moment I play alot of MvC3 and I’m not expecting the play styles to be as differing as that game, but at the moment, I see hardly any difference.

As I said, I’m pretty much a beginner at this game. Are there any tactics or play styles I can use (effectively) in MK9 given practice time? And what are the best ways of going about playing to their strengths?

Thanks all!! :slight_smile: