MK9 - Canberra, Australia

This may be a tall order (due to the game’s “refused classification” status down under, and Canberra’s small size) but are there any MK9 players here in Canberra? The difficulty in getting online in the first place, followed by the difficulty in finding a local online match (all thanks to its “refused classification” status) makes playing local players in person very much needed.

hey man, there’s a little canberra forum for offline meets at (maybe yr already on there?), but mostly people just play various streetfighters and sometimes marvel

tho i’m sure if you took mk9 along to a meet dudes would be keen to at least try figure it out. like i’ll happily play at a meet but obviously i will be terrible loloo

i know there is at least a dude on that forum with a cyrax avatar you know

Thanks heaps. Not a member there but will join now. I play SF too, although since Alpha 3 my skills seem to have gone down sadly lol. I’d be willing to take MK along too for anyone who wanted to try it. Anyway, I go join and post there.