MK9 | Carl Winslows got nothin on this guy - The Stryker Thread

So I noticed that the Stryker forums had been empty all day so I decided to start the general discussion thread as he is one of my mains. So any general Stryker strategy should go here. I think a combo thread would be better for just combos.


TE standard layout.
FP BP xx xx

or, preferred

1 2 xx xx
3 4 BL xx

Now, onto actual discussion.

Things I’ve noticed with Stryker that I like are the fact that if you end your combo with his roll-throw (bf4, back-forward-4), you can pressure on wakeup with gun (bf1) that apparently can only be avoided by some sort of teleport reversal, but if they teleport, you could just, not gun and just block and punish for a full combo. If they block, they still take some damage, and build your meter.

There’s also the fact that you can punish some stuff full screen with the roll-throw. Roll-throw hits at almost all ranges except completely full screen, but just take one itsy bitsy baby step forward and it’ll hit. It’s punish capabilities don’t quite match up against a true teleport like Sektor’s, but it works.

Quick few things:

  • His low baton hitting special is great for setting up his B3,2 kombo. If baton lands then dash forward and you will be able to pressure them with this on wake up. I think it is fantastic because although it is slow it hits low then high. So your opponents MUST know how to block it correctly or you will get a nice follow up with 1,EX Gun,ff,3,Gun(hold) combo which from there the pressure continues.

  • Stryker is definately an ankle biter in this game. He has 2 specials that hit low, a very fast sweep, and 2 kombos which involves a low in them (B3,2 and 2,3,2). Meaning your opponents will have all the incentive in the world to block low. This means you should always be mixing up your throw to keep them honest and not constantly be crouching and blocking when applying pressure.

  • IMO, I think Stryker is a zoning character in which you force opponents to close the distance in order for you to counter. I don’t think rushing down all day with the cop is a great idea. Although it is fun, it isn’t very smart. There are some matchups where you will need to be much more offensive with him. Gun an Grenades are great for zoning and characters who don’t have some sort of instant teleport will have trouble closing the gap.

  • In matchups where being close to the opponent is a very bad thing, make sure to use his 2,3,2 string as it is pretty tricky because the second hit is low and the third hit boots them very far away giving you much more space to zone.

I posted some stuff over on Test Your Might, but I’ll reiterate here. I think a good way to play Stryker is zoning to discourage aggression then hit and run. He has fantastic damage. (38% Midscreen BnB) So if you can successfully bait one or two mistakes you’ve got them.

Some of the stuff not mentioned in the post above mine, Naked back+3 staggers as does 1,2. So I like to (once they’re a bit scared) dash in and use those and follow them with a jump punch or a dash mixup. (The stagger makes both safe, as Tom Brady discovered.) So they have this unavoidable mixup off a fast low, and as mentioned before, once they’re scared of the low dash throw, you can do the back+3, 2 get the overhead and then juggle them. In the corner that leads to all sorts of nastiness. I like using the 1,2 string in a similar way even though it can be ducked since it’s fast and stuffs a lot of stuff.

I’ve been wondering, and I know this is sort of a noob question, (pun intended) but what’s Stryker’s best punish for blocked things that do the ball juggle? I’m guessing its, 1, Gunshot, dash, 1,2, Baton toss, but can you connect a Back + 1,2,2 for an even bigger combo? I can’t tell since there’s no record opponent in Training and online is no place to figure out punishes since input lag seems to make everything safe. :frowning:

I’ve been messing around with Stryker recently and I’ve really like playing with him

In general what sort of pressure does Stryker have when you end combos with 3~Gun(hold)? What are his better follow up options on hit and block? I have been using this at the end of my combos but I never really follow up with anything when i know I probably should.

I usually just end my combos with the throw or ex-throw for damage, but from what I’ve seen you land about a character space apart, so you can, 1.) and most simply release the gun and hit them with that for damage, 2.) dash into a mixup, b+3 or b+1,3,3 or b+3, 2 or 1,2 or throw. 3.) Baton sweep for a fast tricky low 4.) Crossup jump punch.

Awesome it’s good to see some Stryker love. I’ve been looking for some combos to add to my repertoire.

Also interesting Stryker Easter Egg, if you do 3 gunshots in one combo, (Easiest with launch, gunshot, 1, ex-gunshot, 1, ex-gunshot) he’ll yell “OLD SCHOOL.”

Made me miss UMK3 Stryker and the cross screen gun juggle. Waste of two meters for bad damage, but it’s fun and flashy if you feel like styling.


Quick video I did of it on my iPhone.

Couple of combos I threw together tonight.


Wow, that’s a nice throwback. Stryker tapping on the fourth wall lol. I wonder what other easter eggs like that are in MK9.

I just wanna say. I’m having a tough time learning this character. He feels very slow to me, but according to this he’s a mixup character so maybe that’s why. Maybe it’s because im not used to his play style but I would love to learn him JUST to use his weapons and hear that BONG.

I might have asked this before but is his b3,2 his only overhead attack?

Unfortunately it is. I hope that NRS makes either his roll toss or EX roll toss a mid

Jumping punch and medium neutral jump kick are also overheads for Stryker.

Guess my second Stryker thread revival…

Does anyone know what Stryker’s wake up moves are? Roll Toss and Baton Sweep are listed as Wake Up Moves on the Shoryuken wiki, but they always seem to get stuffed for me. Is there any particular timing?

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