MK9 Controls: Pad vs Sticks

Decided to make a thread since I don’t see one discussing this specific issue. For the life of me I can’t seem to make a button mapping that works well on most of the stick layouts (minus the sega2 layout on the Agetec, which is not bad) for mortal kombat. However, playing on Pad just feels so much more natural in this game, as the button layout feels a lot more intuitive with the block and tags on top. It feels like that mortal kombat may be one of those games that actually play better on pad vs a stick.

What’re your thoughts on playing this game on pad vs stick? How is the X layout on the PDP or the madcats TE combat panel? How does it compare to the regular ps3 pad?

How about the 360 pad? (which so far to me the dpad is terrible, and the analog doesn’t fare to much better) what would be an alternative to the 360 pad for this game? Anyone try this game with the SF fightpad? or even better the MVC3 PDP pad? how well do those work for this game? Lastly, any one try playing this with the saturn pad?

Would love to hear peoples’ thoughts on this matter.

i’m playing on a hori 6 button pad… not liking it… i’m gonna try DS3

The joystick itself works really well for me, and the buttons are nice and responsive. I find that I’m much more accurate with my motions and presses with the stick; that or the stick is more accurate than my DS3 d-pad. One of the two.

However, I, like you, cannot for the life of me map a comfortable layout to my HRAP3. Even with throws being a button combination and not just an extra button, I can’t find any button layouts on my stick that don’t have me contorting my hand on strange and uncomfortable ways. Everything is just so much easier to get to on a pad for me.

i was hoping to find some input with the SSF4 MC fightpad or the PDP MvC3 pad. My Gamestop has them on clearance for $15 and my TE fightstick button layout is awkward at best

The first night I played for hours on the 360 pad and killed my thumb. However, as gentle as the stick might be on my hands using block in conjunction with other buttons can be a bit of a pain. My set up on my Blaz Blue TE stick is as follows:

[1][2][blk][whatever two buttons you use to do x-ray]

After playing Marvel for awhile I’m still getting used to hitting 4. and for whatever reason my thumb rushes to 3 when I need to block. Like it’s drilled in me from some game that A/3 must be block.

What’s on sale? The Fightpad or the PDP Marvel pad?

I might try my PDP. I should try my PDP. Would be better on my thumb and I could leave the shoulder buttons as block and tag respectfully. But then my poor stick would get no use. :frowning:

I think that it’s really nice that we can have effing PRESETS in a fight game for a change. I hate having only one option for a custom control scheme. Now I can switch controllers on the fly. Although the move lists throw me off because they change the buttons to match your controller. It’s a nice touch for noobs but I don’t play that way anymore haha.

I’m playing pad mainly because I have MvC3 in muscle memory on my TE stick. I’m afraid that if I learn MK9 on the stick then I’ll start fucking up inputs/everything when transitioning between the two games.

Thinking back on it, I’ve always played the console MK games on a pad. Didn’t have much choice back when MK1&2 were out on the SNES :lol: so the habit kinda stuck since then. Thankfully I’ve yet to have too many issues with multi button presses so I think I may stay with a pad in the long run–although I’m not 100% sure yet. I’m playing on PS3. If I had an XBox I’d probably consider playing on stick.

I have one of the Tekken 6 Hori Wireless sticks on my 360 (imo a decent budget stick), and the layout is way awkward for MK. If you’re going to play on a stick, get a stick designed for MK. If you’re a classic player, go for the PDP MK9 stick, otherwise try to find one of the Combat Panels for MadCatz TE sticks.

Personally, I plan on playing pad as soon as I get my PS2-360 adapter because the game is literally unplayable on the 360 controller. In a perfect world, I’d rather get a SNES-360 adapter because SNES had the perfect controller for this game, imo. Unfortunately, such adapters only exist custom-made and are hard to come by.

I’ve been playing on the SF4 fightpad. The button layout is a dream. It fits perfectly for this game. The d-pad is a little wonky for getting those fatalities out, but I haven’t run into any significant problems for anything in terms of combos and whatnot.

If you don’t like default try this:

Tag, LP, HP
Block, LK, HK

I have a madcatz TE and I’m using this


It’s perfect for me, feels great too

im using a TE and my layout is this

LP Block LK Tag
HP Throw HK Stance Change

you could replace throw with block so you can hit either middle button to block, but i like having throw mapped to its own button instead of having to hit both punches

To the people that use pad, do yall use claw method or regular thumb method?

You can’t use claw. It’s 6 button.

I have a Madcatz TE as well. I still map my buttons to the Capcom Type B style. It feels natural to me since I’ve gotten used to it for Marvel. It allows me to swap between a pad and a stick fairly easily, so I can still go to a friend’s house and destroy them on a pad. If I ever get to tourney level, I can simply map my custom set up.

Sure it’s not the X “standard” setup, but I doubt I’ll ever end up at an arcade machine playing this game.

Are talking about the pad or the game? The game is 5 button so I do on my SF pad

1 2 T
3 4

LB= Block

Tag is just a macro of 2+4

I have large hands, so I use my TE for MK. Still deciding on the following two setups;




At first it was hard to block and do moves with my TE.
Pads are acutally better for this game (no complex moves) but it will kill your thumbs.

So it’s a stick again :wink:

grew up on the snes pad, will stay on the snes pad.

I accomplished this with a snes>PSX.PS3 convter. Its two converters in one and so far I haven’t notice any inherent lags. (a few nano seconds, but ive adjusted to it)

The PDP pad has an irregular design so it that allows you to do the claw method comfortably. With that said I prefer the thumb method.

And with that said I’m back to pad. The PDP pad. Since it’s a clicky joydisc thingy I’m not stabbing my thumb on the d-pad so no pain! And because there are no complex moves as you said (except fatalities) I get what I want. So the PDP pad will be my MK pad and I can stick to my stick for other fighting games. Yey!

Sure you can, reconfig the buttons and you’re golden.