MK9 @ Evo 2011: Censored?

So talk off the bat that the gore in MK9 might be censored @ Evo 2011.

Opinions? thoughts?

Be good.


I think its kinda silly to censor them, but i will say this: In UMK3, you rarely ever see High level players waste time with them.

What i say is just either ban them, or just use Babalites (if they are in there) or nothing.

mothers can eat a dick, turn fatalities on

Will MK9 have friendship?

Not having the fatalities on is kinda lame. It’d be more hype with fatalities. I mean it’s 2011 do people still care about gore in video games? Sheesh.

hope not. Babies are much more humiliating!

Turn on the fatalities please!

Banning fatalities is probably a good idea moreso because in a tournament environment they’re just a waste of time. They should allow it for top 8 or whatever though.

Good point… and I like this I think.

Fatals do need to be seen…

Me likey.

Special rule: Fatalities for Losers Bracket matches only >=)

It’d be pretty criminal to not see any fatalities on finals day.

fatality = dq from evo

Fatalities are more likey to be shown than any pedo game.

But really, unless there is a real problem with it for the sake of viewership, just keep it on.

EVO is billed as a “family event” and that’s all fine and good, but the problem is that MK is not a typical “family game.” This is a game from a series that was largely responsible for the institution of the rating system on games today because of how “objectionable” the powers that be considered it. It is filled with brutality and gore. Especially this new incarnation of it that shows off “battle damage” as matches go on. Characters can be given severe lacerations that not only splatter persistent blood on themselves and the stage, but also clearly show bone, muscles, and organs beneath. And then there are MK’s take on the super combo, “X-Rays,” which are only different from Fatalities in the sense that they don’t dismember or otherwise incapacitate a character since the match has to be able to continue after, which everyone that is watching the match, both in attendance and on the stream, is going to see.

Where is the line drawn? And for that matter, why does a line even need to be drawn? How does one decide that a characters head being cut off is more objectionable than a view of their skull being shattered or a close up of an internal organ being destroyed? What makes seeing a character dismembered or vivisected worse than seeing them impaled? What’s the point of censoring fatalities when there is just as much gore displayed without them? The only difference is that the majority of the gore during a match is shown over time, where as the gore after a match is all shown at once.

Surely the EVO board had to be aware of all this when they decided to include it in this years competition, which is why I find this so baffling. I don’t understand why censorship is even an issue. MK has been accepted as one of the main events at one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world. It should be fully embraced for what it is.

I’m not going to say that censoring fatalities would be idiotic because there are probably factors and considerations that the EVO board is aware of that I am not, but I will say this; Censoring MK in any way during an event that is intentionally showcasing it would be like Accademia putting underwear on Michelangelo’s David.

Doing Fatalities is a waste of time, everyone has to keep the game moving, but censoring them is just stupid.

If they are going to censor fatalities because of the kiddies, why don’t they just banned female characters like Mileena who constantly shows her ass.

We actually havent said what we will do yet, so dont go crazy just yet.

Absolutely. Looking for a “mature” discussion, gauging opinions and thoughts. Hopefully everyone will follow that path. :coffee:

mk without blood is like hotdogs without ketchup

Or even hamburgers without Ketchup!

As for the actual ruling, MK9 will be released in April correct? So, about 2 months will be Evo, at that point, the “wow” factor of fatalities will be gone to the tourney players, and those who haven’t seen them, probably can’t input them in the first place (or bother to look up the inevitable videos of the fatalities on the internet).

I do not believe Fatalities will be needed to be blocked because players will not do them to quickly continue on in their series. As for the X-rays and blooding of the characters, depending on how necessary the X-rays will be should be decided on by the officials who play the game in the community.

Brilliant :rofl:
Now that would be hype.