MK9 @ Evo 2011: Censored?

hmm maybe fatalities during pools, not finals??
But then everyone will be yelling out for fatalities during finals.

Not having good games is kinda lame. It’d be more hype with good games. I mean it’s 2011 do people still care about lolis in video games? Sheesh.

im for fatalities in Top 8 only. Im sure it takes long enough just to get through pools without them. And considering how popular MK as a game and a name is, if theres a crap ton of people signed up to play, theres no point in wasting that last 30 seconds on a simple move when you could be bashing peoples faces in instead.

Good job salting the right thread.

At the very very least there should be a fatality in the final match of the grand finals.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t picture any reasonable person being offended by the images of MK at Evo. I know they want Evo to be a family event but the bottom line is that if Evo was the family that they want it to be, then MK wouldn’t be on the roster to begin with. This is the same tournament where during a SSBB match, the announcer at one point while referring to Princess Peach, said “that bitch needs a tampon asap.” (Don’t believe me, check out the 2008 DVD) That being said, if they want Evo to be a family friendly tournament, they have a whole lot more to worry about than just Fatalities.

If we’re really that worried about Evo being a family event, all of the following needs to happen:

  1. Evo needs to sign on specific announcers for each games, making them sign a waiver not to swear on Stream/House PA.
  2. Aris & Bronson Tran are not allowed to be near a microphone or say any words that rhyme with microphone.
  3. For certain characters in SSF4, only the following costumes are allowed:

-Cammy - Catwoman
-Viper - Lab outfit
-Juri - TKD outfit
-Chun - Alpha outfit
-Sakura - Hoodie

  1. Makoto & Mu are banned from BBCS

That’s just off the top of my head. God only knows what FCC-envoking, Family destroying, home wrecking stuff we’ll see in marvel.

If it’s really an issue, just bill the MK9 finals as “for mature audiences only” or something like that. Seriously, there’s no reason at all to censor anything. People know what MK is about at this point.

Most MKs have a switch to just turn blood/fatalities off anyway so there’s definitely precedent for it. It’s not a huge deal, either way, but why even leave them switched on if everyone agrees it’s a waste of time when you’ve got X number of matches to run through?


eat it super nintendo. genesis all day.

mk’s “gore factor” is not a problem. he jersey shore is more offensive to ppl then mortal kombat.

I’m all for not doing fatalities in the interest of keeping things moving up until at least Top 8.

But honestly, I do agree with the notion that they’ve got plenty of other things to worry about besides some thing that is MK’s claim to fame. The G4-ites watching the streams last were more offended by the likes of Aris than anything that was actually going on the screen itself.

I like this idea.

This is the best idea I’ve heard all day.

I know the game doesn’t come out until April but I’m just going to throw this out there. Single fighter or tag? According to the previews the game will have both. Also, I’m gonna vote no on fatalities. Sure they only add 5 seconds to each match but those 5 seconds times however many matches adds up.

What if you can only perform a fatality during the final match of each game? During that time most people will be unplugging their sticks/controllers so you won’t be losing any tournament time.

I haven’t even looked at the fatalities, but I just watched the X-Ray moves yesterday.

Good effing GOD those are jarring. And you’ll probably be able to combo into those/use those during a match? How the heck would THOSE be censored outside of someone sitting there with his hand on the A/V cable, ready to yank the thing out of the monitor?

I’m of the opinion that, if you’re going to have a Mature rated game at a tournament, you officially lost all ability to call it a “family-friendly” event. You may not be able to control what people say or do, but you CAN control what gets played at your tournament, and once you put the latest and most realistic-looking game from one of the most violent game licenses OF ALL TIME at the venue…well, you get the idea.

Think of it this way: there’s a reason why they don’t have family-friendly strip joints. I’ll leave it at that.

taken from: MK9 @ Evo 2011: Censored?

You say you want EVO to be a family event, but the part of the “family” that is viewing the content is the part of the family that seriously isn’t fazed at ALL. From a shear numbers standpoint, a good 99% of the attendees at EVO are either not going to care less, or actually WANT to see the fatalities. Remember, this is a “Fighting Game Tournament”. Keyword: Fighting. (You know, that thing people do where bones break and blood comes out when they get hit?)

For the smash kid’s mom scenario that got referenced on the WSRK podcast, if she’s willing to drop the X amount of money to send her kid to SIN CITY to play a fighting game in a fighting game tournement, what is she expecting to see? A lack of violence? pffft.

Now granted, im not a parent, but if i were to try and look at this from a paternal standpoint, if i were to bring my niece to compete in street fighter 4, for example, (Shes 5, innocent as a kid could possibly be, and doesn’t play fighting games, but for the sake of argument, lets say she has a wicked Makoto and that her competing is actually reasonable.) , id be alot less concerned about her watching MK on the big screen than being around stuff like this. [media=youtube]7tbOrgnl_P4[/media]

If your goal is to avoid offending people, you’re probably better off not censoring it. You’re going to offend more anti-censorship minded people by censoring MK then you would soccer moms by leaving the violence in.

Note that this is all an argument for people who are actually ATTENDING evo, not watching the stream.

As for the stream, just put something up that says that the MK footage “Contains scenes of explicit violence and gore” (Exactly what capcom states every time you turn on a game of resident evil) and make sure people see the warning before it loads the stream. If they see that and still get offended, they’ve got issues and are hopeless anyway.

Also, on a personal note, continuing to use my niece as an example, i would feel completely comfortable with bringing her to EVO to compete if she were good enough. Granted id be keeping a close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble, but that’s true of taking her pretty much ANYWHERE. Its not the content of the games that’d make me hesitate, its the kind of people she’d be around. And from what ive experienced, EVO does just fine in that regard, outside of a few crazy moments here and there which i could just steer her away from.

TLDR= don’t censor MK. It’d ruin it for alot of people, and why are you more worried about offending soccer moms then your core attendees?

Also, sorry for the wall of text. Censorship bugs the hell out of me, i got worked up.

end of argument


150% agree. I think I will bring this up with the powers that be. This would be best.

Thanks Storms. :coffee: