MK9 | Fighting Against Mileena

Hey guys,
I’m having trouble fighting against people who play Melinna.
I know their routine: Overhead, Overhead… combo - Repeat.

I just find it difficult to attack them because of that teleport dive kick.
I guess i get intimidated by it and the roll.

I try to bait the dive kick and it works but i can’t do much off of it. An uppercut or a grab maybe.
Then they’ll just start throwing sai until i do something and dive kick me.

And that ‘Mentlegen’, is an average game against Melinna.

Any tips against her?
I’d be interested to know from the perspective of people who play her as well what they struggle against.

Thanks in advance.
PSN: Black-Toof

(PS: I consider myself a good player (without being big headed here) and I currently don’t play a teleport character. So you gauge how i play.)

Who are your mains?

I might play with a teleport character, Ermac, but I’ve found that this strategy generally works. If they spam the roll and telekick just block high. Some of the better Mileenas will telekick to sai throw but just set them up with an uppercut. You can standing block both the roll and the telekick so you dont have to worry which is coming out. When they are mid to full screen throwing sais just duck them without the block so you dont take chip damage. This usually makes them follow up with a telekick. You have to be patient with mileena… The key to success against her, much like any other character, is successful blocking and punishing. Make them regret that teleport

My mains are Sindel, Shang Tsung.

Mileena is best at range, her instant air sais are very fast and when down as low as possible are safe on block. her roll and teleport kick are only used when someone tries to get around her zoning. no good mileena player is just going to throw out a roll or teleport kick just becuase they are bored with you ducking their sais.Please duck my sais, I’ll just gain meter and use it for EX teleport kick which can be safe vs certain characters.

when trying to close the distance with mileena just play it safe, don’t jump or do anything crazy, anytime mileena hits you can lead into a combo, whither it’s air to air, a low or an overhead.

Ha yes, i do notice if she touches me she gets a 45% combo off.

I also recall they d+4 alot, espcially when i’m in the corner.
Jumping over her and kicking still didn’t get her! Wow her hit box is SO small.

I guess i know her moves and to punish her with patience.

do you have to block her EX roll low?

Ex roll is an overhead and must be blocked high.

As a Mileena player…
Block a lot. Her telekick and roll leave her VERY OPEN when blocked, so that’s a free combo. Since you main Shang Tsung, try B+2,Soul Steal. That combo should work, and you can use Mileena tactics against your opponent with a damage boost.
Also, if they use her Up+4 a lot, use a quick jab to hit her on her startup, since it’s not that fast. Also, don’t crouch block, it leaves you open for said overhead.

Hope I helped!

As a Mileena player, I tend to bait my opponents into blocking low so I can set them up with the U+4 overhead. Her tools for this are her D+4 and her B+3, B+4 or just her B+4. Otherwise, she doesn’t really have any combos that hit low. Some inexperienced Mileena players (like myself, but i’m a recovering newb) love spamming the telekick… but when she does it at full screen, some characters can uppercut her out of it (I’ve had this happen several times over the past week or so). Otherwise, block high… a lot!

Yeah wake-up ex roll is annoying Meleena has great wake-up options and she can convert the roll into a 30% combo?

I love when people think blocking high is all you need to do to not get comboed by Mileena.

Yes, please keep blocking high and eat 30% combo’s for free all day.

Mileena is a character that strives on low and high mix-ups. Block high too much, and you’re going to get hit with b+3 cancelled into a roll, which easily results in 25% damage at least. Block low too much, and you’re going to either get hit by her u+4 overhead, or the second hit of her b+1, b+4. You have to watch her carefully, and block accordingly.