MK9 | Ground freeze: Why is it even in the game?

Is it just me, or is this move almost never a good idea to use? Anyone have some strats that work with this move? Also, the clone breaks for too easily.

If you have your opponent in the corner and you clone in front of them where only escape is jumping (but most likely they’ll jump into the clone if you set it up properly) you can use it so they can’t block. That’s the most legible setup I’ve used. You can use it as a mixup (if the player is just blocking and you usually use an ice blast so they keep blocking). I use the e-gfreeze when players zone to get closer (and of course punish). It’s not an easy move to get somebody who knows how it looks like with because it’s so punishable. I think over time we will figure out some setups with it.

I just wash that if the ground freeze is gonna be this bad, he had either a. another move or two, or b. maybe a better working clone. I dunno, maybe make the ice sword into a little more a tangible move, and not just something that makes cameo appearances in small combos.

Good lord, ice clone is already strong enough in this game! How much more do you need? Buffing ground freeze would make sub even more retarded.

If Sub had a faster ground freeze it would be ridiculous.

I only got the game on Saturday so have not really tried this move out much. Can someone tell me:

  • Is it unblockable?
  • Is there any move at all that you can cancel into it from (I can’t find any). I know it’s not meant to be a hit confirmable move, but even in a block string would be interesting to mix up and open up your opponent.

If the game actually had a good record mode, working this into his game outside of EX puddle in a fireball fight would be easier to figure out. I hope there are some nasty setups to trap opponents.

On the point of using EX Puddle after an Ice Clone, does’nt any other ice move shatter your clone if it’s on screen already?

It is unblockable. I haven’t found any move where it’s cancelable. If you have a clone and you hit them with the gfreeze, then the clone will shatter. You can still ice blast and clone but you can’t ice clone and hit them with gF without it shattering.

You can use ground freeze as a mix-up if they are close to you; it has a very similar start up to ice blast which can catch your opponent off guard; Also at too close a range, ice ball will actually go past your opponent. It’s ideal if you’re opponents got you pinned in a corner (at that range, ice clone won’t activate and ice blast is not that viable either since they can duck it).

Also note that with ground freeze, sub retains his position whereas ice clone moves him back. And provided you’re quick enough and your opponent delays his get up, you can use ground freeze as an Oki tech trap to set up a combo.

Other than that, ice clone does the job better (comes out faster, you’re safer, it lasts longer oh and free meter building). Though, ex-ground freeze does benefit from a much larger surface area making it a helluva lot more useful but it’s at the cost of 1 bar.

Tl;dr: Save for a few key places, Sub really doesn’t need to use ground freeze.

EX ground freeze has limited application against Jade when she’s immune to projectiles/clones.

I’ve found a great place for it ok my arsenal. My friend likes to crouch block a lot - mostly to avoid the slide, and I’ve found a nice way to trap him. If at any time we’re mid to far, he sometimes assumes I’m going to slide to him. I start approaching him, and he goes defensive. Throw out the clone as a barricade, walk right up to it and throw out the ground freeze. I got him with it about 8 times last night.

It’s good to use once in a while. Once you’ve conditioned the opponent to fear overhead/sweeps, you use the ground freeze for the final kill, or in those really ambiguous mind fuck situations.

I’ve seen Tom Brady pull some sick traps in the corner with it. Not entirely useless but yes it is kinda slow otherwise.

I’m pretty sure the corner is the only place where it’s really useful. Clone is just better anywhere else imo.

When i use GroundFreeze in any form or shape, i always use it in the corner.

I’ve heard/read that it can be used in the corner, but even then it’s risky. I main Sub-Zero, and I avoid using it like the plague since it not only has an incredibly long start up, but also it can be punished just as easy too. You can use it to trick your opponent if you feel that you’re opponent can start to read your moves, and use it just to throw their game off, but be prepared to be punished just incase.