MK9 | Have an ice day, the sub zero video thread



Post your sub zero vids here



tom brady (sz) vs REO (Ka)


I just made two videos of Zero combos.

Both of them easily can just use 2 meters (don’t use another e-slide) but I was going for max damage.


His B&Bs are more practical and more damaging :stuck_out_tongue:


I know that. It doesn’t hurt to know different things ;).



Hey guys, here’s an online tag match featuring me playing subz and my brother with Jade. We have a setup that leads into a ground freeze trap that works pretty nice. I got it off once in this match. It can be escaped, but if they don’t tech quick enough they are forced to eat a ground freeze. Even if they block it, it makes for some nice pressure.


I like that setup alot. Too bad I haven’t or anyone (that I’ve seen online) found a setup for the ground freeze with solo sub.


The most use that I’ve found for the ground freeze is to do it as the opponent wakes up. I’m sure that there’s a way to escape this, but all of the people that I’ve run into online and have done this again seem to not have the quick reaction to escape this particular setup.


Yea. I understand that but I don’t use it on wakeup really because a lot ot players think that it’s a regular ice blast and they can uppercut or crouch kick. I usually use it when I’m applying pressure and as a mixup for them thinking I will do an iceblast, I do ground freeze. But the other way works as well, it just depends on the player (of course).


Well yeah, you obviously don’t want the start-up frames of the ground freeze still active during their wake up because they can just hit you out of it. I usually find the right time to do this after I’ve landed an uppercut (when not used as an anti-air) and then dash forward to be in ground freeze range. By the time that the oppenent is on his feet again, the ground freeze is already laying their underneath their feet.


These were both sick as hell. Thanks for the info. Tryin’ to use Sub-Zero as my main.


No problem. I like the second one better because it pushes the opponent back into the corner and that’s where Zero is his best at.



This is some really good stuff, here.


I’ve posted some matchup info about Noob in my Smoke thread. The Smoke boards don’t seem too interested in discussing matchups, so I was hoping people here are. If you could take a quick look at the info I posted and tell me where you agree and disagree, I’d be very grateful. It’s always helpful to talk about matchups from both sides.

Here’s what I have written:



Matchup: ?/?

Strategy: Sub-Zero is a zoning character. You’re an anti-zoning character. Outzone him and force him to make mistakes.

Don’t rush in on him when he throws down an ice clone. Wait for ice blasts and punish with shake. Be sure to block incoming slides and punish. He’ll eventually learn that he has to come to you, as he has absolutely no options to deal with your ranged game.

Unfortunately, Sub-Zero has pretty good rushdown. He can threaten a quick mid or low at pretty much any time. His damage is decent, especially if he has full meter.

That means that you need to force him try to get in, but not actually let him in. Punish his mistakes as he tries to get in, and if/when he does get in, be very careful. Don’t jump to get in on him. He can threaten an ice clone at any point if he detects that you’ll get aggressive, so stay calm. Cross-up jump punches are good against him if you need to launch an offense.

This match is all about getting someone to make mistakes. He can aggravate you into doing something stupid and punish pretty well. However, remember that you control the pace of the match, so make sure that you’re the one causing the frustration, and capitalize on his mistakes with your big damage combos.

I feel like Smoke gives Sub a harder time than most, but it’s still probably close to an even matchup. Smoke makes Sub unable to zone, which can be weird for him, but he still has the tools to beat Smoke. His slide causes smoke bombs to whiff, and Sub has a better close game than Smoke. Once Sub realizes that trying to outzone Smoke is a bad idea, I think he’s in pretty good shape.