MK9 | Having trouble cancelling into a teleport after doing the "We Win"

Is there some sort of trick to it? I think I’ve tried everything. I’ve got it done like 6 times out of 1000. When exactly do I input the teleport command?

I got it down now, nevermind. Different from the rest…

I’m actually having trouble doing this too, what’s the correct timing for it?

just input the command twice.

its very tricky at first but for me the timing is to input it about the time of the last hit when they get gravity squeezed if not a little after
hope it helps

Anyone else find there is a bit of inconsistency on landing the teleport hit after “We Win”? It seems that offline with no lag the hit doesn’t always (about half the time) connect for me to continue the combo, if timing is this strict offline, is this a reliable combo online?