MK9 | Help with Raiden matchup

I could really use some pointers on how to deal with Raiden. When he teleports behind me, I don’t really have any idea what to do. I tried hitting him in mid teleport, but apparently he’s invincible at that time and I don’t know of any moves where he turns around fast enough to hit Raiden. He also does a 3 kick combo (don’t know what it’s called or how to do it), that seems completely safe. When I try to punish by buffering a slide, he still has time to hit me with it again…and again…and again…and again. I could be timing this wrong, but I’ve tried timing it several different ways with no good results. I was just in a tournament and made it to the grand finals, but lost to a Raiden player who ROFLstomped me…the same guy who sent me to the loser’s bracket with it. Can someone help out?

Don’t try to punish the teleport unless you read it completely, if you do just buffer slide. Raiden players typically do three things after teleport: dash up throw, electric fly or that string. What I do is keep blocking and either break the throw when they attempt it or punish electric fly if they attempt that or block the string and then BP,BP,BK into ice clone out of there. I just try to re-establish spacing and get them off me. Don’t panic and play their game just slow it down.

Takes practice but 2,2 can punish teleports on reaction. Worth practicing IMO Obviously, 2,2 leads into free damage :sunglasses:

Reactionary skills are important to develop anyways.

Edit: Also forgot to mention 2,2 is safe on block I believe. Theres no real risk in attempting it :smiley:

2,2 will generally get you out of most situations- just be cautious when he goes for the grab mix ups,because thats what usually gets me :stuck_out_tongue: