MK9 | Hidden Missile!...wait... The Sektor Thread



Didn’t See one yet so I thought I’d go ahead and bring it out. Sektor seems to be the get in quick and knock you down/back kinda character as shown in some of his command normals.

His combo damage seems to be relatively low (which ais another reason I think he should be a half zoning half quick combo/mixup type of character).

-His missiles come out somewhat quickly and cover distance just as fast, as well as covering different distances, (On your head, to your chest, in front and behind the enemy)

-His Up+A command can lead to tricky mixups on someone you have scared enough to block (since it’s sort of a feint)

  • His Xray is missile started, a slower than normal missile but still a missile so I’m sure there will be plenty ways to combo into it (I been messing around with about 3 so far)

  • Teleport uppercut is fast and a great punish for full screen projectiles and to extend combos or start them (EX version gets you the extra bounce for some real creative stuff)

  • Flamethrower just seems to be an only semi-decent combo ender at best but I haven’t messed with it much except for accidentally ending my combos early because of negative edge when cancelling into an uppercut :sweat:

BnBs I’ve been messing with(all around relatively 25-35% depening on jumpin for extra hit)-
-bp,fp,b+bp->fk->uppercut,bp,fp, straight missile


-bp,fp,b+bp->fp->uppercut,bp,fp, ex flamethrower

you can pretty much see where that’s going.

X-ray combo (44%) - j.fp,bp,fp,b+bp->bk->uppercut,fp,bp->x-ray


all you need is B+1. thats shit is TOO good. safe on block, pushes back on hit, and it does like 11% alone.

My combo with him
(1,2,b+1), Jump kick, Teleport punch, Jump kick, EX Tele-punch, B+2- Flame thrower. it does about 42% and the flamethrower sets them on the ground again to let you mix them up.

the (f+3,4),Tele-punch chain is a nice low combo starter. you just have to commit that its gonna hit though, you cant hit confirm it.


B+3, 4 is a nice low hit combo starter but it can ONLY be followed up by the tele punch
Some good BnB’s
1,2,b1 j.4 telepunch, 2,1,flamethrower is like 32% i think with jumpin punch it’s like 36% if u replace flamethrower with X-Ray u get around 46%

b3,4 telepunch 2,1 flamethrower is a nice low hit combo starter but it’s only worth around 25% damage :confused: replace the flamethrower with x-ray u get like 38%

I think for Sektor I’d rather spend meter on the tracking missiles, tele punches, and breakers everything else just doesnt seem worth the meter


I like 1,2,b+1, f+4,4, Tele Upper, Uppercut. Does 34% damage and you can probably tweak it to add a punch and flamethrower on the end. The above posts helped me figure out how to add an x-ray on the end.

Good shit on the low starters, I needed some of those to up my game.


lol love the name of this thread


I registered just to say that Sektor has always been my favorite MK character lol

I haven’t had much time with MK9 but from what I’ve seen it seems he doesn’t have his pulse blades which is kinda sucky


lol after playing Sektor for many hours I’ve deduced that he is pretty bad lol :confused: He has no overheads except the jump in punch so there’s really nothing preventing the enemy from just crouch blocking the whole time and it’s more difficult to punish projectiles because for his tele he needs to go into the ground first and when he’s doing that he can still be hit by projectiles as he’s going into the ground :frowning:


He has his toe kick stance that has an overhead or a low, and both can be combo’ed into a teleport punch into juggle.


a few not worthy things.
*teleport punch has different start up when performed on the ground and air. the air version has faster start up to allow combo potential or be a instant punisher.

attack string 1,2,2, blast has possible auto track, if cross up a oppoent during the attack string, the blast will appear behind sektor instead of front. How ever Ive yet to see if the hit box switches

*Sekctor normals have alot of priority and collision status. (status effect) That can be use for alot of of situations.

*Sektor stance U+3 cancels into programs normals or it can be cancel into commands allowing mix up potential [note, the preprogramed 3.4 has kara cancel ability with teleport punch on 4 input which has him air born. this gives a him a an attack string with tigerknee install. possible on whiff aninmation.]

*sektor x-ray seems to either have amour or some sort of sart up invicibility so it can be a great punisher if willying to spend.


I’m not sure what you guys are aiming for in your combos but if its damage than your adding to many hits, For starter if going for X ray combo, i reccomed this.
1,2,b1…jk,teleport punch,…B2. (Xray) 50%. Honestly some of your guys cmbos seem to be a disadvanatge. Im seeing little damage for too much work, bear in mind that the more hits you had to your combo the more gauge your giving to your opponent, Now unless these combo are for positionaing or set up than I’ll reconsider but the lable combos only record damage so im assuming damage is the desire goal.

Sektor is not character who benefits alot for combos unlike combo whore characters (kung/smoke) The only time sektor should aim for long combo if need to force opponent to breaker, set ups or positioning. Besides that all other combo that focuses on damage needs to be short to reduce meter build. Just because you can extend your combos doesn’t mean you should. MK combo may be free and fluide but it has alot of layer that needs to be disect.


has anybody figured out the special properties between human sektor and robo sektor yet? i doubt he changes too much but it would be nice to know whether im benefiting or not from using him.


^(1,2,b+1), walk, (1,2,2) never works with Cyborg Sektor, but is easy with Human version.

about the only difference I know. people say Human has faster flame thrower while Robot has faster missle start up.
but I think its all bullshit and they seem the same.

Ketchup’s X-ray does have super armor until active frames, like all x-rays/


No real difference except he teleports with a smoke bomb and other things like that

Same goes for Cyrax


Does anyone else love flamethrower as much as me? I like ending combo strings with it so that you can go back into your pressure easily. It’s also good to stop people walking forwards, almost like a poke. I’ve been having success with it online, but I know that isn’t the greatest place to test the viability of a tactic.


It’s too slow though. Doing two commands just to do an overhead? I can get Johnny Cage with one command and far better chance of doing a combo.


if its being blocked than your not apply it properly. you don’t just throw over heads, you set them up for it.


I understand that, but what I’m saying is sektor’s overhead is stupid. He has to get into a stance (Up+A) and then press B for the secondary function. By the time you get that stance up, you are going to get hit in the legs since you can’t defend yourself.


The problem is not that its stupid but your putting to much value into overheads. You seem to favor combo potential from overheads. Well sektor game is not around that so naturally his won’t function like others. (characer vareity and ballance for consideration) Also this is why the stance able to be cancel or feint. Because it can turn into to a mind game that can disrupt player thinking to cover for over combo potentail. His over head isn’t great but its addition can be use to his advanatge, not the same like other but it still complements it. Sektor main game revolvs around his set up which them self can be offensive or defensive, having crazy good rushdown would just make him brocken…and surly we dont want that.



with 1 bar you get about 46%. why would you spend 3 bars on 50.


Here is Seb from in the lab with Sektor.

Most of the stuff, I’m sure most of already knew, but he has some nifty set-ups on wake up and an actual use for Sektor’s x-ray.