MK9 | Hidden Missile!...wait... The Sektor Thread



that combo was to adress the x ray combo that was listed befor that was only 46% and I already revamped that to 58% percent that pretty impraticall.

The main difference between the one with one meter and xray is being breackable, the combos with out x ray are not true cmbos because they usually involve alot of hits which allow alot of breacker oppurtunity. The same can be said for the xray but their lot less openings and if mix up combos well enough than the opponent woud not know which to use breackers for. I look at it this way, Combos with ex has alot of room for errors, X ray don’t, the damage value is only secondary,

This is why I said Sektor shouldnt not aim for big combos, (atlaest not always). The condtion for them to be true or beneficial is a wide margin. The only other true X ray combo I see are ones do after single hit because oppoent will not be able to breack fist hit and x ray follow up locks in. It may not be damaging but it is an gauranteed combo. knowing which one to use will be vital.


Not to criticize but their mindset is way off on how to apply a few things. Attack string 1,2,2 has property that decres the gravity on juggle opponents( though it only seem applicable in corner but it allow set up and further combo potential, B2,1 is juggle enerder with rush down momentum, NOT A GENERAL ENDER, while canceling b2 into commands does more damage, set ups, meter build and unbreackable. Non ex tele punch should never be consider on juggles. F4,4 string are good starters but not during juggles, its only good for mediocore block strings with a tiger knee install. string 2,1,4 is ideal on juggle to add missle set up and should be use over majority of other set up options. WAKE UPS dont cost meter, and tech roll does not make pressure/meaty safe on wake up. ( damn ps3 text limits)


I agree they were over-looking strings applications in juggles, but that is a Tekken/VF ideal, some strings are just combo filler’s. I imagine primarily Sf or 2d players will need to some re-thinking on the way they look at all target combo’s.


thats good and dandy till you realize that it gives the opponent more an a advantage that what your doing. Please paredone me its been nerve racking how so many player mind set is on just combos instead of incorporating proper tactics to combos, this is why i blame game such as MvC3, juggling 3d fighters that degenerated player to think this. Outside of those game, combo advantage is simply not by the amount of hits or damage done. Playing like this gives player like me just opportunity, i know to some this seem unfathomable but doing combo can become dangerous and a disadvantage if not careful.


this has nothing to do with sektor, that’s just how the game works.

doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for max dmg when you get the chance. the opponent will not always have 2 bars, and making him waste 2 bars is alright too.

anyways, game is just out, first thing people tend to do is find combos because that’s something you can do on your own. tactics develop over time. discussions usually follow that pattern.


Yeah it seems i jumped the gun on few things.


I feel they should make Sektor’s hrm “HIDDEN MISSILE!” the above missile either unblockable or an overhead cuz right now it’s kinda useless seeing as how they can block low i was experimenting with up missile with b3,4 but they can just low block it all :confused:


Teleoport Uppercut into X Ray is a bit tricky to land but so satisfying


The 1,2,2 string does have some interesting properties (the last hit of that string to be precise) as keo-bas mentioned. You can only use it in the corner because the last hit will not land in a juggle anywhere else, the first two hits will float them just out of range for the last one to hit anywhere outside the corner.

The last hit of 1,2,2, when landed in a corner juggle, makes your opponent fall more slowly, it’s actually a fairly dramatic effect that you’ll pick up on right away, and it allows you to land a few different moves than you’d otherwise be able to. I’ve found Sektor to be a pretty damaging combo-character, he’s got some useful B&B combos that can go for big damage, so I do think playing around combos will work for him.

Still, no one has frame data, and there’s no true record function in training, so it’s been extremely hard for me to figure out how practical some of his stuff is. One situation I REALLY want to know the frames of is a whiffed uppercut. If you duck your opponents uppercut, are you guaranteed a 1,2,b+1? If so, Sektor is going to be a very dangerous character with some very damaging punishes.

Other than that, his b+3,4 is definitely going to be a great combo starter as well; it hit’s low and combos into his teleport punch for a nice, high launch. Just landing a teleport punch alone certainly allows you a B&B juggle, but landing it off of b+3,4 seems to give you a lot more height (and thus time) to play with when looking for a combo. f+4,4 into an EX teleport punch is going to yield big damage if you use it as your linker after your launch. It relaunches them and leaves you with nice spacing for a finisher.

As far as finishers, his missile does good damage as last hit but his flame thrower will reset them standing up --> that’s where I think another b+3,4 into combo is going to be some pretty deadly reset pressure.

Regardless, Sektor has very good combo damage IMO, at least from what I’ve been able to find with him, when compared to what I’ve been able to find with the other members of the cast I’ve experimented with so far. I really like that Scorpion and Subzero seem to be in line with everyone else, I was a little afraid they were going to have an edge on the rest of the cast. So far, the balancing seems to be pretty good.

The only thing I’ve heard otherwise is some of Sonya’s block strings into stance moves can be continuously chained together for repeated pressure and mix-ups in a way that obviously was not intended by the developers. However, I also heard it will be patched out or otherwise removed shortly. Supposedly there’s a patchless system in place, so only time (and testing) will tell.


FYI, if no one has tried, Up Missile is hit confirmable into Teleport uppercut > Combo of choice. Up Missile has a good amount of hit stun, so, if you spot it land, go straight into a Teleport and do your dirty.

Also, if anyone has having trouble with dive kicks/jumpers, I’ve found that flamethrower is a very good Anti-air. It’s also very good for forcing a block on wake-up if you landed a sweep.

Sektor looks like he’s going to be heavy on zoning, with ~25% at best for combos without meter. Using Enhance Teleport can easily yield 35%+ combos off of a landed Up Missile.

Just my two cents I’d throw into the jar.

EDIT: Since I mentioned forcing blocks on wake up, does anyone have some good tips/set ups for doing so?


I’ve been using 1,2b+1 f+4,4 xx telecut j.4 xx xtelecut f+4 xx upmissle for great damage and continuous pressure. After the missile you can dash in with knee lift and go for low or overhead or just jump after the missile and continue pressure. I feel it’s best to avoid his x-ray and use the meter for his enhanced moves.


Yeah dude, I’ve been trying this out and it’s great for doing damage and setting yourself up in a good position to keep hammering away. His enhanced moves truly shine, imo. I only use his X-ray for people dumb enough to try and zone me full screen. People on xbl freeze when ex-up missile is coming at them and just stand there, begging to be opened up with the options Sektor has. Usually b.3, 4 into whatever, they block up missile standing, thinking it’s an overhead. :lol:

Kriaser, Sektor isn’t really a zoner in my opinion. He’s very pressure orientated with sneaky mix-ups now and again. A few of his useful strings seem safe on block. I know my friend wasn’t able to punish 1,2,b.1 offline, which is his launcher. You can get a fair bit more damage than 25% without jump-ins or burning your meter.


Sektor looks like he sucks at first but he’s really one of the best zoners in the game. Regular missiles have almost 0 frames of recovery. That means you can throw one out and if a ninja tries to teleport on you you’ll block it and get a free combo. Sektor’s flamethrower is also secretly an amazing move. It beats almost everything in its very large range (including x-rays!), making any offense mounted from the front pretty much futile.

With these two moves, getting in on Sektor is a bitter struggle for most characters. If that wasn’t enough, he has a pretty good pressure game with his overhead missiles and teleport punch being able to punish mistakes from full screen.

My combo of choice:
1, 2, b+1, jk xx teleport punch, [jk xx en:teleport punch,] 4 xx flamethrower

I save my meter for this combo (if you don’t have any meter remove the part in brackets). After this combo, another flamethrower is totally safe. If they block it, toss out a missile right after and start your keepaway game.

If they try to jump in, you now have a ton of frame advantage right next to your opponent. Go for the 1, 2, b+1 combo again. If they block, end in flamethrower again.

You could also try b+3, 4 xx teleport punch --> combo ender if you want to go for a low mixup.

I’ve had great success with sektor, and I think soon he’ll be acknowledged as one of the better characters in the game.

Tough matchups are anyone with a dive kick (which beats your flamethrower and missiles from most ranges). Kung lao’s en:spin prolly goes through flamethrower as well. If anyone has any anti-divekick tech I’d love to hear about it.


Anyone notice the mixing up of Back Punch and Front Punch is the OP? Or is it just me?


I uploaded a cool bnb for Sektor with no meter that does a whopping 42% damage! (with jump in punch starter) without it it still does a good 38%

Here it is in Tekken notations

j.1 1-2-b1 neutral j.1 f4-4 cancel into d,b,4 f2-1

And here’s a combo (although seemingly hard to land) that does 58% damage with 2 bars but it uses an upward then a jump in punch starter


I need some pointers for the Smoke match up. Any advice?

It almost seems impossible to zone Smoke, so you need to stay in his face and work some mixups to at least land a good life lead against him.


If he’s a bad player: Smoke can’t teleport punch your missiles on reaction. He has to predict it. Throw them out at weird times and block immediately after to bait it out.

If he tries approaching you, flamethrower stuffs most of his options. If he lands next to you after a flamethrower then back+3 4 xx teleport punch jk xx en:teleport punch 4 flamethrower will get you some great damage.

Try not to meet him head-on in the air, as he outdamages you by a mile from there (gets 40% off of airthrow to smoke bomb, vs your 7%).

It’s definitely one of the harder matchups, especially since shake and smoke bomb can mess up your long range game pretty badly. The only space where Sektor is ahead of Smoke is in the latter half of Sektor’s flamethrower range. If you can get him to make some bad approach mistakes which net you a close flamethrower into a mixup, you might be able to pull out ahead. Keep with those flamethrower combos to keep him in the range that you beat him at.


He’s not a bad player, that’s the thing.

Shake and smoke bomb are the problems since smoke bomb is completely safe on block.

I figured I’d try to do Up Missiles are various ranges to force out a Shake that he likes to do and punish Shake with a teleport combo. But that doesn’t work seeing as you can do Shake just as fast as Nightwolf’s reflect and get the same result. Shake is what ruins the zoning game and gets me killed.

Also, Teleport on reaction to smoke bomb only yields getting hit by smoke bomb.

The only good time to go air to air vs Smoke is if you know he’s going to jump at you, in which you can get a j.K > teleport combo.

Flamethrower spam is about the best I can think of myself. Doing things like 2 1 flamethrower or just doing any string and ending with close straight missile or flamethrower.


That’s rough. It’s a nasty matchup.

Smoke bomb is a pain, but remember he can’t hit you with it if you’re moving. Also remember that it doesn’t deal chip.

I’m wondering if you can punish a badly timed shake with teleport uppercut? I doubt it, but worth looking into. Shake really messes up a lot of zoning.

Wouldn’t the missile set off the shake? When shake is activated theres no way to avoid the punishment. Unless you’re talking about whiffing, which doesn’t seem like it would get you an advantage. The whole idea is bomb bait anyway I would think.

Yeah, don’t do that.

Yeah, can if he lands one clean on you it’s a ton of damage. Not worth the risk imo.

Flamethrower is especially important because it leaves the enemy standing while giving you big frame advantage (think Makoto). If you’re gonna dominate him at all, it’s gonna be from that range. It’ll be tough to get him there though, considering all of his mobility and ability to act from any range while shutting down your options from most of them. Rough deal.

I haven’t seen any tournament players use this to their advantage yet (not that I’ve seen many tournament players use Sektor at all), so it’s prolly gonna be pretty hard to get it to work such an advanced technique that really only has a prayer of leveling the competition. I hate to say it, but have you considered just counterpicking?


For the Shake bait, I was thinking of doing an Up missile, but the one that lands in front. On reaction, he’d Shake once he saw the missile go up, but I never got to really get inside his head much on these set ups because of Smoke Bombs.

It’s a bit upsetting that Shake is as good as it is. I’m not saying it’s overpowered because there’s no combo off of it, but I kind of wish it wasn’t a homing attack that lands automatically. No biggie.

Also, if I’m just walking forward, a Smoke bomb will whiff? Are you certain of that? I know I was able to dash on reaction to several of the smoke bombs, but it’s still a risky thing to attempt.

The absolute best option I have found against him were Leg Lift set ups. For example: Say I landed 1 2 b.1 > f.4 4 > teleport, typically bnb. But I’d stop the combo at that teleport. Once I landed, I’d Up Missile and do a Leg Lift. From his previous block patterns, he liked to block low against Sektor a lot, so I went with the medium hit. So after the Up Missile, I did u.3 4 > Teleport combo. These kind of things work, at least to an extent.

The only way to make that 50/50 guess with Leg Lift safe, is to do an E.Teleport.

In some cases, I have found players to block for longer periods of time, so you can do 1 2 > Leg Lift > mix up of choice. Of course, it’s a risk, but if you get them thinking you’ll do 1 2 > flame, I’m sure they’ll get into the habit of blocking longer.

EDIT: Was just in training mode and I found that after the bnb I mentioned before, after the teleport and up missile, that you can jump over with a j.1 or 2 and combo there after. Yields around a 45% combo if all hits connect. Therefore, you can do this jump over mixup after an Up missile, or a leg lift set up. Either way will yield some serious damage if they screw up.

EDIT EDIT: Also note, that you can even feint leg lifts. You’re fully able to Leg Lift > Throw if they blocked the Up Missile. Just added mixup value.