MK9 | Hidden Missile!...wait... The Sektor Thread



Right, and shake recovers somewhat fast. I don’t think it’ll get you an advantage and it could backfire.

Yeah, it’s not usually a problem, but for Sektor it’s a bit rough.

Yep, positive about that. You have to be in the faster walking animation (after you hold forward, you start walking faster).

Sounds interesting. Seb was looking into resets with the up missile, and I think you’re putting those to work.

Going close up against Smoke probably isn’t in your favor, but it’s not a hugely unfavorable position either. If you feel that you can out-play your opponent there, it’s not a horrible option.


quick question, does Sektor have an overhead attack? I don’t know what to do if someone is blocking low except to throw


u.3 is leg lift (its not an attack) its the setup for his overhead
u.3, 4 is his overhead/mid and you can cancel into TU bnb combo
u.3, 3 is his low and you can do u.3, 3, 4 xx TU bnb combo

ive been taking Kriaser’s advice and after I hit a TU combo I usually don’t complete the bnb but instead I either do back.2 xx up missile or up missile in back if they keep rolling (im pretty sure you can’t cancel the other two versions of up missiles from a normal) . This way on the opponents wake up they either pop a wake up attack that you can defend/avoid properly or you can do a leg lift mixup with the up missile coming down on them.


I dont understand Why arent you rushing Down with sektor. He has nice mixups and can damn near combo off of every other move. Rush that shit down Hes not noob saibot.


Is there a difference between his normal b3, 4 and the version done from the leg lift? If not, I don’t really understand the point of the leg lift… I really would rather his overhead just be a command normal instead of having to come out from u3–it is too slow to be practical, from my experience so far.

My biggest problems with him so far is that the opponent can crouch block almost entirely and about the only thing you can do is throw. His only mid hit seems to be the end of 1,2,2, which hits very high for the first couple hits, and you can be hit out of by a crouching opponent. I didn’t realize that you could combo after his overhead, though, so maybe that’ll help things out a bit.

One thing I would’ve liked to see with him is his enhanced straight missle be 2 back-to-back and not on top of each other. I miss being able to send out 2 and 3 missle barrages like in the old days. :slight_smile:


The reason why the leg lift has the option to go low as well is in case your opponent picks up on the use of the overhead kick. You can fake out the leg lift stance and go low anyways to deal damage.

the 1, 2, 2 string does hit mid and allow you to cancel into a move, but unfortunately…any special that you choose will not count in the combo. The opponent can block if they choose to do so.

I find it best to use his mixup kicks(starting out with b3; u3, 4; u3, 3, 4) just as the opponent is getting off the ground. This is the main place where I use it the most unless the opponent is ALWAYS ducking.


Some of my midscreen BnBs… (all can be preceded with Up Missle/Homing Missle hit confirm)

j.1, 1,2,b+1, j.4 xx d,f+4, b+3,4 xx d,f+4 (9-hit, 36%)
j.1, 1,2,b+1, f+4,4 xx d,f+4, 2,1 xx b,f+2 (10-hit, 40% 1 bar)
j.1, 1,2,b+1, j.4 xx d,f+4, b+2,1 (8-hit, 36%)
j.1, 1,2,b+1, f+4,4 xx EX d,f+4, 1,2 xx b,f+2 (11-hit, 42% 1 bar)
j.1, 1,2,b+1, j.4 xx d,f+4, b+3,4 xx EX d,f+4, 2,1 xx b,f+2 (13-hit, 44% 1 bar)


Jumping ‘bnbs’ always irk me, does anyone actually land them against a good player with any success? I sure don’t. And even if I do, it’s a tight cross up from point blank range, and my reactions aren’t fast enough to combo after. Other than the jump part, good shit.
Sektor hasn’t received any changes in the patch, has he? Sure hope not.


Subzero is like the Ryu of Mortal Kombat, easy for beginners and terrible at higher level play when versing other high level players. Could pretty much see Sektor being my main now, oddly enough same character I used the most in MK3 arcade.




lolwut? Sub is the best character in the game, hands down. After him it’s a toss between Raiden and Cyber Sub.


He may not be the best, but he is definitely not horrible in higher level play.


Edit: haha never mind I’m an idiot


Just a quick video I made a few months back.
Sektor is my number 1 main in MK9, I team him up with Raka for a devastating team.
The speed of his dash, his instant air teleport and ridiculous damage potential make him a beast in my eyes <3


Made a newer, worse quality video
52% with no meter