MK9 |Highest damage combo?

Curious how high others have been able to get.

With Kung Lao, I was able to get 82% damage using 3 meters (X-Ray) It’s a modification of Tom Brady’s from his ultimate guide, I was able to get 2x more jump kick+dive kicks in. The notation for anyone interested in replicating it (you have to be cornered)

DU, FK, BP, BK, DF+FP, UF jumpkick, D+BK(in-air),[UB jumpkick, D+BK(in-air)]x3, BLK+FK+BK, dash forward, BP,BK,FP+FK, BP

Without meter this does 68%! Just cut out of X-ray+dash forward part.

For those trying to do it the trick is delaying the input between jump kick and dive kick, this allows the jump kick to knock the enemy higher in the air. If you do quickly it makes the enemy dropped too quickly.

You have the guide early too?


@ rotendo

he doesnt talk about the book guide!
its THIS online guide!

Mortal Kombat 9 Ultimate Guide

Indeed =D



Has anyone tested this post patch?