MK9 | Kano Video and Discussion Thread

[media=youtube]3HNYvJWXbTw[/media] - some bnb combos

[media=youtube]ySb8zoVKcNI&[/media] - 33% combo

[media=youtube]klxbHPn6s3M[/media] - 40% corner combo

just what i was looking for thanks.

I haven’t seen a single above average Kano match Vid anywhere. :frowning:


more kano combo vids, some of these are worth practicing

Online play is so bad its hard to find good videos of matches. :confused:

Cross Counter episode with Mike Ross using Kano


Kano is the shit

So I started using Kano yesterday. Man I really did his air canon ball lol. So awesome for zoning, baiting and punishing.


Good shit. I’m gonna need to work on that 40% corner combo. the most I’ve gotten was 39%

Recorded a Kano vid recently! Basic practical BNB combos and more. Enjoy!

Kano combos:


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heres some matches from a tourney the other day where I got 3rd. I cant upload them to YT, so heres the JTV links.

Kano vs Noob

Kano vs Reptile

Kano vs Nightwolf

Kano vs Cyrax/Kabal

Kano vs Sub-zero (losers Finals)

don’t know if anyone here checks these forums anymore, but here’s a buttload of kano tourney vids.

i’m going to post direct youtube links rather than embedded vids to reduce post size.

BEENEEWEENEES vs Walker (Noob Saibot), Cyus Strike (Sub-Zero), Walker again, Cyus Strike again

BEENEEWEENEES vs BeerGuyEd (Kitana), Viper (Freddy)

BEENEEWEENEES vs Lord of the Fly (Nightwolf), D-Que Beats (Cyrax), Lord of the Fly again

here’s the most recent, from a local tournament from Feb 9th

BEENEEWEENEES vs Lord of the Fly (Nightwolf)

and here’s the stream archive from said tourney with accompanying time marks.

0:36:00 vs GDF (Kung Lao, Noob)
1:29:00 vs Warrgarrbl (Rain)
1:44:00 vs Tre Pound (Kitana)
2:38:40 vs Walker (Kano mirror)
3:22:00 vs ATL_Redd (Smoke)
and then after some confusion
3:29:00 vs Lord of the Fly (Nightwolf)

i Just started playing MK a couple days ago. and im still trying to decide on who to main. My first character ever in Mk9 was kano, because i like playing someone who isin’t played and someone who isn’t really considered top tier.

Do you guys think Kano if learned well enough, could compete for majors?
What are some weaknesses to kano and what are some basic starting pointers to keep in mind when first learning kano and MK9 in general.