MK9 | Korner Kombo Help



I’ve been working on Liu’s Kombos and can’t seem to get down the Korner Kombos. My problem is going from Back 3,1,2 string to neutral jump. I can’t seem to connect the two to move on with the kombo. Any suggestion on how to time this right? Like i’ve been trying to cancel into it but i always seems to move to late. Should i be trying to queue the entire string?

This is the entire combo im trying to go for
back 312, NJ punch, step back, 3~xray, back 312, back 312, back 312 (49%)
EDIT: Nevermind! I figured it out, i was expecting to reach full height with him and then knock him back down with the punch. However…your just hitting him on his way down so the move connects as your going up and hes falling to the floor. Simple :slight_smile:


I was about to say that piano’ing both punch buttons can more so guarantee the NJP coming out. But,nice.


how’s this?