MK9 | "Let's see what you made of" Kabal general discussion thread

Got to work will edit later. Thoughts? Combos? Lets get it done :badboy:

You cancel the dash with Back, Back or Back+Block
Back back doesn’t work with enhanced, but B+BLK works with both

Day one combos:

b+fp ~ bp ~ fp, bk ~ b+f+bk, f+fk ~ bp ~ d+b+bp 28%

b+fp ~ bp ~ fp, f+fk ~ bp ~ b+f+bk, f+fk ~ bp ~ d+b+bp 30%

fp ~ fp ~ b+bk ~ b+f+bk, b+fp ~ bp ~ fp, f+fk ~ bp ~ b+f+bk 23%

fp ~ fp ~ b+bk ~ b+f+bk, b+fp ~ bp ~ fp, f+fk ~ bp ~ d+b+bp 26%

Higher level play

Crap quality and audio out of sync a lil bit


This a great attack because the last hits are a low attack followed by a mid - can’t be blocked by only holding one direction.
Mix up TSlam and Buzzsaw at the end of kombos in order to make the opponent guess which direction to block. Stop short for a throw and the odds will be very much in your favor.

I remember hearing somewhere Kabal could cancel his dash in this game. Is this true? And if so how do you do it? I would try to find out but I don’t actually have the game yet :(.

after you dash just hit block and back on the stick. You can stop at any point of the run

Without using meter, my two favourite combos so far:

Midscreen: b+1, 2, 1, jf+2, Air Fireball, Spin Dash, f+3, 2, Hook Grab (between 25-28% I think)

Corner: b+1, 2, 1, jn+2, b+1, 2, 1, 4, Spin Dash, f+3, 2, Hook Grab (around 38-39%)

you can cancel his dash with any other special move as well.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but in the combos I’ve been doing the use of x-ray is pretty useless as it scales quite badly!

I’ve just did his usual launcher b1, 2, 1 into f + 3, 2 Xray for 39 percent damage

Messed around with a few things after the dash cancel as well, the fact he can cancel it to specials is pretty helpful. He can go low with the buzzsaw, mid with the tornado slam and high with his projectile.

I cancelled his back, foward Back Kick with something, making it useful as a feint, but i cant figure out the input…

Also hid up+back, up-back Front Punch fireball seems like the fastest and safest spit-check in the game.

Is it just me or does Kabal seem like he doesnt have alot of damage potential with his combos… I see all these other character get up to like 60-70% damage from combos and highest i can get is like 40

new at the game and MK in general, I was facing a kabal and he did this chop move (I think it swung me back and forth than i was tossed accross the screen). Is that an overhead or a command grab? I couldnt really tell

Highest damage I’ve gotten with him is ~48% (with X-ray) and ~43% without x-ray in a Corner.

Ironically, his :b: 1, 2, 1 chain can combo into itself what seems like 4 times (and then one more hit after it).

Corner Only (not sure if you can do it with dashes midscreen, I think the 2 in the combo chain misses)

So you can do j. 1, :b: + 1,2,1, :b: + 1, 2 ,1 , :b: + 1 , 2 ,1, :b: + 1, 2, 1, :b::f: 4, :f: + 3, 2 and it’s around 43% in CORNER.

His X-ray scales horribly, so it’s not worth using it at the end unless you sure the extra 5-6% it apparently gives is worth it.


The max damage I can get meter-less is 45% if you do :f: 4, :b::f: 4, :f: 4, 1 + 2, after the 4th chain is finished. It allows you to keep them in the corner if you jump over them.

There are stronger combos out there but this one is relatively easy.


Adding in a nj. 2 after the first :b: +1 , 2 , 1 will net you 47% meter-less.

That’s what I do: b1, 2, 1, jn2, b1, 2, 1, etc…

I never bother using his XRay in corner combos unless it’s to kill them in the last round - EN Spin Dash is just too useful to not hold on to.

I like to feint lots of Spin Dashes to get my opponent blocking and cancel some of them to the Ground Saw just to make sure they’re blocking low, then BAM, Spin Dash right up to them and cancel in to Hook Grab at the last second. Works every time.

Trying to get my f3, 2, Spin Dash (cancel), f3, 2, Spin Dash (cancel) (repeat etc.) technique down, but I’m finding it tricky. Gotta keep drilling it!

How do you cancel the spin dash without a special move ?

hold :b: + (Block)

Starting a combo with spin dash seems to cause some major combo scaling.

i found something nifty!

standing blades: hold block, <-, <-, release block, punch, hold block.
much easier to chain this move!
“punch, hold block” part at the end can be plinked.

(best part: the enemy is expecting a dash back and then blades, basically ninja blades!)


Im gonna update the thread after wnf tonight guyz sorry i been slackin.

Ok , this is the most damaging combo I found with Kabal (50% exactly)

In the corner: fj.2, :b:1 2 1, nj 2, :b:1 2 1, :b:1 2 1, :b:1 2 1, :f:3, spin dash, :f:4, X-ray

i was in the lab and i did b+121 and did a nj1 and it caught mid screen its weird i can get it every once in a while did it on subzero hmm

This has happened to me too. It has very strange timing.