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Liu Kang combos:

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My very first MK 9 tournament (and only my second “major-ish” tourney ever). Please critique the s— out of my Liu Kang play.

Not bad. I’m sure you’ve realized after watching it several times about what you need to improve on. Just need to save move meter and challenge cage with fireballs and parry more often. Try to bait that ex shadow kick out and punish to make him waster meter.
Otherwise,good job at repping Liu Kang,my friend.

Interesting fight, I learned some things! However I noticed some things that you got to improve and will make your next fight 10x easier. I believe you honestly could have beaten that Cage but it looks like he might have gotten into your head.

Few things to remember…
Parry and EX Parry for wake ups on rush down.
Why: BC kick works as well but the recovery time doesn’t leave much in your favor. parry gives you the chance to reset the situation in your favor, plus you can bate out the flip kick or his dash kick. Even if it fails you it gives you free points for meter. When you’re across screen don’t be afraid to toss a few pointless ones in there either. He doesn’t build much meter on his own unless you’re pounding at the guy so every little bit helps.
Practice those combos, you dropped several crucial ones.
Why: Slow down on that 2,1,3 combo! You got to watch his body when your pulling out those strings. That kick makes his body flop and if you attempt to soon you’ll go right under him and obviously to early he’ll drop right past you. You can also attempt to add some more damage to that corner combo by adding forward +2,4 and then a BC or low fireball.
Add in those Dragon Stances!
Why: It pulls him back a step and lowers his body. High moves have potential of whiffing and of course opening them up for a free combo.
I’ll talk about more stuff as I run through your match. I’ll leave time codes by it so you can see what im talking about.
1st Round: I didn’t see anything wrong with that match. You got a good start and pull combos off well.
2nd Round:
@1:01 you attempted the jump over head punch and went straight for the over head combo. It didn’t work and you attempted again. You ended up giving him two free hits and by the third attempt, dropped the combo and finally got it the fourth time. Although it ended up going in your favor you could of thrown in so low pokes or low fire balls till he gave you the chance to pull out that combo.
@1:13 I’m pretty sure you predicted the flip kick coming. The dash then parry would have been perfect for that situation and allowed you to keep the pressure as he now has to guess on your next move. He hits low to stop another parry or come up blocking to stop any further pressure.
@1:15 he pretty much turns things around and creates the pressure. BC Kick, Flying Kick, Parry or even the ex versions would help relieve some pressure and put you back into control. Also don’t jump as a wake up, instead roll backwards or come up blocking if you feel that a wake up attack wouldn’t work. All this pretty much applies to the rest of that round.

3rd Round
@1:44 Nice, I didn’t think of that. I usually use forward +2,4 then X-ray. If you don’t use it try it out. Its gives you an extra 3%
@1:50 This is what I was talking about as far as that rushing goes. You attempted the BC kick to early. Try using the back+3,2,1 dash back+3,2,1 to put them into a corner and give you 49% damage. After that its just about keeping that corner pressure.
@1:52 you attempted to keep the pressure like any good Liu Kang but when your against JC you got to pay defensive as well. I believe just stepping forward and parry would of caught that flip kick as a dash would of ate that second you needed to fully pull off that parry. Still testing that theory, so take that with grain of salt because im still having a hard time trying to punish that as well L
For the rest of that round – you lost because of the lack of a wake up attack which allowed him to keep the pressure and forcing you in a situation he knew you wouldn’t stop.
@2:42 Perfect time for a parry!
@2:45 Since you had plenty of EX and its full screen your Ex Parry would of stopped it and put him in the corner. Your options are now to continue the rush down or put some space. He had no EX left after his kick so you can parry his wake up or push him back with a fireball.
@3:38 Got to watch his ex bar, that X-ray is a pain. Try to bait it out by committing to short punch strings( 2hits) and adding a parry at the end. So If he pulls the X-ray your safe because of the pullback on the parry.
@4:30 Nice!

@5:01 as nice as it is the Flying kick isn’t a safe move. Try to stay away from random moves.
@5:47 lucky he didn’t flip kick as a wake up. He could of easily punished you or that random string.
@8:04 Good use of Fireballs but push back before the next use as you see him closing in or prepare for a parry to shut down his rushing. Also working on your spacing, because at 8:09 he could of punished you for that last fireball or even that jump you did with a flip kick.
@8:13 wasted Ex, when full screen its most likely not going to hit as its easier to dodge. If you was looking or pressure a normal fireball would of worked just as well and gave you some meter rather than losing it.
@8:37 a sweep or parry would of gave you the chance to get out of the corner.
@9:40 Its not a full screen Ex Kick but I think it was still at a good distance that a EX parry would of stopped it.
Pretty much everything else that’s been said already goes for the next round. Other then that I enjoyed the match. Post back and let me know what you think, everything is left up for discussion and I would love to hear your input on some of these suggestions as I’m also working to better my Liu.

So I just now thought to come back to this thread… :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate everyone’s feedback (especially Crisis_X’s well-documented play-by-play). However, I’ve actually moved on to using Johnny Cage as my main…LMAO! After that tournament, I wanted to play a little JC just to learn his pros/cons for merely match-up purposes. However, it turns out that I just liked the guy too damn much!

I found that, with Liu Kang, I just couldn’t get into the mind set of using parries / dragon stances more. And that’s a good chunk of his move set. With JC, it’s much more simple: whenever you can, end each combo with a nut punch. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve also noticed that I tend to be pretty spot-on with predicting my opponent and landing successful x-ray attempts with JC.

I still use LK whenever I feel like playing a tag match but, as of now, JC is my new current main.

But again, thanks for everyone’s feedback!

sniff sniff all that hard work. I’ve been working on other characters myself