MK9 | Maskless sub-zero

anyone else disappointed in the maskless sub-zero model? i wish they had actually done the whole costume instead of a maskless umk3 ninja outfit.

at least we know a dlc pack will come with the rest of the ninjas umk3 outfits i guess

im waiting for the rest of the ninjas mk3 D: and i think the sub zero was cool, but i didnt like the retro cyber sub zero, i was hoping a retro smoke or something like that.

Do not like these 2 klassic costumes. Robo Homo is my UMK3 main, so not getting the character in MK9 only to get Cyber Sub using that skin…sucks. And yes, what the OP said. The UMK3 USub klassic costume would have been SOOOO much better.