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Issues with MK: Komplete Edition? Please Read!!

ok as long as it doesnt always happen and is a easy fix. i was gonna purchase that.

If you dont have any save files or bought DLC in the first place, you are fine.

Breaking News: Prize money for MK9 at MLG is now $33,400!!

MK: Komplete Edition on Sale at Best Buy for $39.99 (free shipping too)

Thanks static for always updating this thread. I didn’t play much MK9 when it first came out but I really want to give it a go. Have they fixed the netcode online?

not really. it is better than it was when it first came out tho.

I bought it at BB for 40. Hopefully I can get a few players in Omaha interested. I know there has to be a few.

New gameplay trailer for MK9 on PS VITA reveals some new costumes!

Does anyone know of a xbox to ps3 converter because i can usually only find ps2 to xbox or ps2 to ps3 converters??(pad)

there isnt one i know of thats worth a shit. get a 360 pad dual modded by Gummo.

Do you know anyone who can mod the Vita too accept arcade sticks?

lol nope

High level mortal kombat looks fun as hell.

I’ll be throwing my hat in this ring.

It’s about as fun as it looks… which is a whole lot, lol.

I want to rep rain but have never seen him in any high level play. Is he competitively viable?

Oh yeah for sure. Rain is a solid character. I think he was a solid A tier in the last tier listing I saw.

edit- Okay, maybe not A tier, but he’s still good. Honestly, a lot of characters (if not all) are more then capable of being viable.

Awesome, just picked up the complete edition for 40 bucks at gamestop.

MLG money here I come.

Too bad vita doesn’t sync with dual shock…

All I want for Christmas… is all the exclusives from the Vita on consoles.

Wishful thinking though, I remember when Tekken DR PSP had a shitload of features including the return of Tekken Bowl so I might as well accept this