MK9 | Opinions on new Freddy DLC?

After watching the trailer, I honestly can’t wait to see this happen. BUT, I think they should stop here before too many guest characters appear and the whole thing gets out of hand. What do you think guys? Do you want this DLC, are you indifferent or does the inclusion of Freddy disappoint you?

What do you think his playstyle will be like? Rushdown, Defensive, Balance of both?
Do his shown abilities (projectile claw and floor spikes) reflect and accurate picture of his character and stay true to the films?
What about his fatalities?

Fuck yeah! They gotta’ bring in Jason next. It’s only fair.

I wanted a MK character. Not buying Freddy. I’m not upset since I don’t play over 80% of the cast.

not buying him a waste of space theres plenty of MK characters for them to choose from but they go and do something like this? hell no

I don’t really care about Freddy so I’m just not going to buy him. Same with Skarlet. Didn’t care, didn’t buy.

I’d rather have had Fujin.

Freddy looks really good. I’ve bought all of the DLC and so far the only one I really like is Rain. It’s kind of surprising that Freddy is going to be a legit character and not just thrown in for fuck sake. I have to give it up to NRS for that. I think he will be a fairly popular character.

Freddy looks like he’s going to be beast from the trailer. I say a mix between Jax and Baraka with the full ability to rush you down. I’m not to happy about him being including as a DLC and especially as the supposed last one. If we knew there would be more characters coming after him then it would probably be easier for me and alot of the other mk players to shallow. If they do release another character or two…im sure Jason is going to end up being one. After that there shouldn’t be anymore guest characters for this game though. Freddy will probably be the only DLC i won’t be downloading…

My room mate is a HUGE Freddy fan and he loved MK9. He went crazy with fan squee when he found out Freddy is going to be in, and he’s already talking about maining with him. I think it’s cool and I’ll probably D/L him also. I think it’s a cool bonus, and as long as he’s not a game breaker (at least, not the point of being unpatchable), I think he’ll bring something new and fun to the game. At least he’s not on the freaking front cover like Darth Vader in Soul Calibur 4!

I think Freddy is going to be awesome!

We probably will also get JAson, which should be awesome. My only problem is Freddy looking like voldemort and not the guy who caused me not to sleep for 3 days when i was 6.

I don’t get why people are so uptight about this, i mean it’s WB.

If anything I think DC vs. MK would be way better this go around if they kept this style of gameplay and made it focused on tags as the answer to Capcom vs. Street Fighter.

People thinking any videogame is a “Srs bizness” are stupid, Video games companies are businesses first, so people will buy dlc, and will be into playing as freddy.

Seriously, MK was and has never been serious, no fighting game has been presented as serious and gritty ever.

Unless you count Boxing or UFC games…lol

Looks like unmasked Sub-Zero will be included, or at least in the compatibility pack

So I take it all the ninjas will get their UMK3/MKT outfits soon??

Am I the only person who wanted Ed Boon as the final DLC character? It would’ve been so sick! He would be top-tier, super overpowered, have a move called SONIC BOON and the Mortal Kombat theme song would play when you fight him. :rofl:

Freddy looks pretty cool and looks well done, BUT I am shocked and very disappointed he is in the game. It’s bad enough we have Kratos, now Freddy, and probably later Jason. Soon we are going to have Bunny, Megatron, Miles Mayhem, Samara, and Cliff Clavin

Yeah, one of his finishing moves will be making his opponent play through 5 or more shitty mortal kombat games and finally die before the next good one comes out

Freddy is a guest character who actually does fit the mood and style of Mortal Kombat though.

Even his story in the game is very clever and fits in perfectly. Hell, it makes more sense than Rain’s story! Raiden: “Thank you Rain for stopping the vile Shao Kahn. Now I shall help you reclaim your lost heritage!” Rain: “Hey thanks dude - wow, I’m awesome! I think I’ll CONQUER THE UNIVERSE TOO!” Raiden: “Well shit.”

I think this is a fairly interesting way to go with MK not saying guest characters are good usually i shy away from them and dislike the idea (i really really dont like the thoughts of a microsoft character making the SFxT roster) but freddy kinda fits with MK and they actually made it so his story at least fits, which cant be said for most other fighting game guest characters. As long as they keep it to just Freddy which would be smart i think and then add more MK characters i think he’s fairly welcome in the roster and seems like his playstyle will be fun and interesting to play.

Can’t stop laughing, tears in my eyes. Well done. Well done to you.

I really like Freddy’s fighting style. I’ve been repping the MK3 Sub Zero costume in ranked matches all night on xbox live, and so far I’ve lost against him once and won against him once with different players.

Also on a side note I discovered that I forgot how to play almost all other characters because I’ve been using Subby so much. :wasted:

i have to say, im a big fan of kitana, and mileena… but this dude is the best character in the game now. his teleport is awesome. his combos are nice. everything about him is great.

I really like the new dlc players. Freddy is a great novelty, im still smiling about it. I love rains combos, but it’s obvious he could of had better ones if they didnt freeze certain moves just after you put them in that bubble. I `m disapointe dwith the fatalities a sthey could have been a bit more gory, and I think instead of projectiles he should of had extending arms like dhalsim, just as he does in one of the films, Actualy although it happens as the move would be used alot, I don’t feel it’s representative enough to be one of his moves. Teleportng is a given, Maybe he could have slashing move sthat appear as he slashes froma distance, kinda like the dlc I forget his nam ebut his blind. But yeah Im a fan of the new dlc