MK9 Patches

Anyone else find they are dumb most of the time? I understand the importance of removing TOD glitches, but things like nerfing cyrax’s command grab or making Kano balls safe changes the game far too much. It seems to me Tom Brady has quasi god powers over MK9 and nerfs any character that beats him in tourney. Anyone else notice this?

I don’t see a problem with taking away Cyrax’s bomb trap, and this is coming from a Cyrax player. His EX Wheel Kick is still a godlike surprise attack, and a 50% 1 bar combo starting from 3,3. Not to mention the Net’s hitbox being the most retarded thing in the game right now. What, Cyrax lacks good mixups without a command grab? Just grab em then. It’s still good. Kano ball being safe on block is dumb tho.

I believe that they partially reverted the Kano upball being more or less safe on block. It’s about as safe as Cage’s upkick now. It’s more about NRS trying to hurriedly make the game somewhat balanced before the EVO deadline instead of listening to Tom Brady.