MK9 PC Petition


there is a petition from poland that is addressed to ed boon and nrs…
to get mk9 made for pc…

if anyone would like to apply to the cause and help this polish ppls and many others dreams come true… please contribute…

here is a link of the article on


I literally approached Ed Boon about it in person and he sort of sounded like it wasn’t his decision to make but instead his dumbass corporate overlords.

also when I signed it I noticed a spelling error it says ‘Brink back Mortal Kombat to PC!’

I literally play on keyboard for console atm with an adapter (utter nonsense!)



yea im the same way… I began playing fighters competitively on a keyboard…


I already signed a petition during PDP and posted on the main MK boards bumping the PC thread. I would prefer getting involved in generating interest in another manner.