I have the opportunity to getting hands on a ps3 MK9 TE PDP stick for DIRT cheap but I own a xbox 360 now has anyone ever switch the PCP and plug and play the wiring and it run fine? Looking for more info on how to achieve this links would be much appreciated I would love to purchase this stick and redo the top flip up board to a 8 button layout and as mentioned made to work for the xbox 360 if possible both 360 and xbox one :slight_smile:




Cut the wires going to the PCB and wire the, too a Xbox 360 PCB.

And yes you can dual mod with a Xbox One PCB (there a thread on the topic)
warring, Xbox one pad hacks are at difficult and not meant for a first time project.


Thanks for the input I was looking into the PS360 PCB on focus attack (don’t remember the complete name at the moment) seems the easiest plug and play type of mod for multi console use


PS360 should be easy enough to swap in.


Yeah that’s what I figured just I guess scared to do the wiring wrong since I’ve never switched a PCB but seems well worth it since the stick is dirt cheap


Don’t psyche yourself out. If you can follow the instructions on a box Mac n cheese you can follow the color coded diagram that’s on the ps360 site to install it.


In that case seems pretty straight forward Sweet!


mac and cheese is nasty


I agree that boxed Mac n cheese is nasty but the home made stuff is delicious.