MK9 | Police Brutality Caught on Tape -- Stryker Video Thread




Feel free to post your match/combo videos of Stryker here. Also, talk about good/bad plays to help each other improve their gameplay.

Here’s some week 1 Stryker from me:

Stryker vs Smoke: YouTube - (MK9 Online Ranked) Stryker vs Smoke

Stryker vs Jade YouTube - (MK9 Online Match) Stryker vs. Jade

Rest of the playlist: MK9 Match Videos


Didn’t realize the usefulness of the Baton roll to get out of some attacks


Roll Throw is, in my experience thus far, completely invincible while Stryker is rolling.

It’s like playing Guy in Street Fighter, if Guy’s shoulder was EVEN BETTER.


It’s not totally invincible. I’ve been hit by low attacks out of it before. However, it does roll under all projectiles I’ve seen plus under high attacks/mid attacks.


Just some advice. Switch to using Jump Punch. Offense in MK9 is heavily based on mixups off of jump punch, also dashing in is really good since you can cancel a dash anywhere except the very begin into an attack or block. Also if you’re going to midscreen poke with Stryker, I feel like his back + 3, his 1,2, and Baton Sweep are better than that standing 3.

Anyway, I like how you stay patient and don’t just hammer out stuff which is a bad habit I’ve seen in a lot of people online.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. Since then I’ve gotten more comfortable with Stryker’s combos, so I don’t mind hopping in with punch more. However, I still like Jump Kick as an air-to-air since it leaves less of Stryker’s body exposed than Jump Punch.

As far as his pokes go, standing 3 is good since it pokes + pushes Stryker forward so he stays in throw range. I tried back + 3 a bit last night, and while it does go into 2 > 4 for an easy combo, it seems really slow and punishable. I’ll try it out a bit more but those are my initial thoughts.

Also, update on the main post with my playlist. Since then there have been 3 more week 1 Stryker vids vs Kitana, Kung Lao, and Scorpion. Week 2 vids will be coming soon, planning on recording some tonight and having them up around the weekend.


Not sure if these will help, but I did record a bit.


More mixup ideas using the Gun Shot held trick:


Not sure I get why you threw that Grenade there. Looks a bit unsafe vs wake up reversals but the idea is cool.


My execution isn’t perfect grenade threw happened by mistake.


Got a little series of Stryker videos going on: