MK9 | Rain Gameplay Trailer


Chuck Norris Kick is still there. So awesome

No water boarding fatality? :frowning:

That second Fatality is so lame. Water bubbles that break your legs for some inexplicable reason! A lightsaber made of water!

Going to start playing MK again just because of Rain

Yep. Was so depressed when Rain didn’t make the initial cut. Now maybe I’ll actually be motivated to get good.

Water, when poured out at extremely high pressure, can cut through steel.

The first fatality is lame. I would have liked it more if it was just Rain forming the water bubble around his head and let him drown. Water lightsaber is much better.

Yeah, but it’s still looking a bit lame.

Over at test your might, Saulo MK had a video where he sprite-animated Rain putting his opponent in a water bubble and then hitting the bubble with electricity. That would have been a great second fatality (assuming it isn’t already a part of the “inflation” one).

Ehh, I think it’s pretty cool and creative. Plus, you never see enough high pressure water blades in videogames.

I was immediately reminded of Tidus sword from Final Fantasy 10. See the game cover for reference.

They did a superb job with Rain!

He has every move a Rain-afficionado could wish for from his older incarnations!

The Orb, The WaterUppercut, The SuperChuckNorris-Roundhouse and WaterProjectile!

A MUST-Have for every MK-Player!

All around the world, we can make time…

Oh yeah, despite his goofy ass outfit Rain’s game play looks sick, Rain just isn’t Rain without DAT KICK.

his into is so funny, somebody better do a voice over on youtube acting a gay voice lol.

his fatalites are epic i think and his normal special moves better be good ( not just the ex versions !!!)

also roundhouse better still be <,circle


they need to give all the males ninjas umk3 costumes.


I can’t wait to inflate some Kitana and Jade.



Better than MK2 Kiss Of Doom.

Love it, glad they kept him so intact for this. Gonna be my first DLC character for sure.

EX DAT KICK has armor. You can tell it’s EX because of the flash before he does it. He does DAT KICK again later against Ermac, but it’s non-EXed and I’m pretty sure it won’t have armor.

I don’t entirely have a main yet in MK, but I might use Rain because I FREAKING LOVE PURPLE (and Mileena’s not really my style.)

Of course, the water and lightning helps :smiley:

im glad hes entering, im getting nowhere with kabal in this game

This is the unreleased version of the trailer.