MK9 removed from the forum scroll on the front page?


Anyone else notice this? Maybe this was just an accident with the new website overhaul. But unless proven otherwise, it makes me feel as if SRK is slowly losing interest in MK9.

Obviously if nobody is playing the game then it shouldn’t be front page material, but this isn’t the case.

SRK is one of the biggest fighting games sites, that being said…

its common knowledge that many people like to play the “popular” games because of the longtivity that goes with the popularity. Nobody wants to invest hundereds of hours in a game that nobody else is gonna play. Most of the games on the forum scroll are seen as serious business, and if more people see MK there more people will give it a shot, creating new players and thus keeping the game alive.

I feel putting MK back up is a small step SRK can make to help the MK kommunity, seeing as most MK fans already know about sites such as TYM, putting MK back in the scroll will do little for them… but it will help bring in capcom game fans (who regularly come to this site) into the series.


I agree, that was kind of random.

I was used to using the forum scroll to visit SSF4 forums and MK9. They should put it back there.


I think they reverted to an old code when SRK came back up, which is why the game guide order also switched up.
PM Keits or one of the mods to see if they can slot it back in there.

Pretty sure it’s a technicality.


it should go back up there along with ibuki


I need it back!



Shao Khan just phoned me, basically he wants me to pass this message to all of you:



It’s missing because when the site had a makeover, the information displayed reverted back a month and a half…before MK9 was released.

Not fixed because laziness rather than shunning of MK.


Good to know!

Thanks Purple!


Plus, on top of that, MK9 is now on the Discussion Group Page which makes it pretty easy to access (I have Discussion Groups Bookmarked).


Very nice! Thanks PurpleLemonade GGPO! :slight_smile:

Would still like to see it in the “Forums” Dropdown-list though!

Does it take alot of energy/time to fix back?