MK9 | Reptile Combo Video 5: Reptillian Shananigans Part 2 - AntiJosh

New combo video showing some of the best old and new mix ups for Reptile. Each one is useful in it’s own way depending on how your opponent responds to your rush down. Enjoy.


  1. Anti-Roll Mixup into Slow Force Ball Block String Setup

  2. EX-Slide Mixup into Anti-Wake Up Combo

  3. Back Kick Mixup Into Hybrid Crush Reset Into Block String

  4. Backwards Jump Mixup Into Invisible Combo Into Triple Elbow Dash Mixup Into Throw.

  5. Slide Whiff Mixup Into Corner Combo Into Throw.

  6. X Ray Combo Into Invisibility Elbow Dash Mixup Into Throw.

Shout outs to:
Chris G
Tyler Lantern
Muffin Muggers

(Slide Whiff Mixup Found By Muffin Muggers)

Very nice stuff, can I get the notations for those?

Killer stuff man, Reptile and Kitana are my mains! :slight_smile: