MK9 | See my Shadow? The MK9 Noob Saibot Guide/Discussion Thread

Noob Saibot

B = back
F = front
D = down
U = up
bp = back punch
fp = front punch
bk = back kick
fk = front kick
~ = cancel
^ = juggle
nj = neutral jump
j = jump

Seems to be a mix of footsie and 50/50 mixup. His projectiles also seems to give him the ability to zone out some characters, as well as provide a good poking tool at 3/4 screen. His “black hole” attack is an unblockable move that teleports the opponent right in front of you in a falling state, allowing good damage off of a juggle combo. This move can be set up from a blockstring or knockdown. Noob is especially damaging in the corner, doing much more damage by being able to combo off of his “Upward Shadow Kick”. Comboing into “Disabler” is also a great way to set up resets into more damage. This projectile makes your next attack unblockable if it hits. His teleslam is also a good combo ender and good way to punish full screen movements. It can also be done in mid-air. A good way out of pressure is his “Upward Shadow Kick”, as it is perfectly safe and stuffs jumps unless done too late.

Move List
Low Shadow (B, F + bk) - A low hitting projectile. Punishable on block closer than 1/2 screen, so use this when in longer range situations. The ex version makes the opponent get knocked up very slowly towards you, allowing for a combo extension.

Shadow Tackle (D, F + fk) - A fast mid hitting projectile. Very punishable at close range, similar to low shadow.If an opponent is hit by this and another is done immediatly after, it is impossible for the opponent to jump away so blocking or armour is required. Ex version does more damage.

Tele Slam (D, U) - Teleport behind the opponent and if it hits they are slammed. Extremely punishable on block, so use it only on reaction to slow recovering projectiles. A good combo ender and does more damage than the other options. Ex version causes more damage.

Disabler (D, F + fp) - An interesting projectile. if it hits, it puts your opponent in a state of being unable to block for
3-6 seconds (??). This state goes away if the opponent is hit, or the time runs out. You are unable to do Disabler while the opponent is disabled. Ex version causes control changes as well as unblockable state.

Upward Shadow kick (D, B + fk) - One of Noob’s best moves. Noob shoots a shadow kicking diagonally upwards. A great anti-air and is safe on block. The hitbox also hits opponents next to you. You can cancel your blockstring into this if you see that it is not hitting and you have time to dash and grab, dash and pressure, or just bait. Ex version makes the shadow go farther in the air and is a better anti-air. Use this as your wake-up attack.

Black Hole (D, B + bp [top] | | D, F + bp [behind] | | D, F, B + bp [front])
- Noob summons a column of rings that goes up in the air then comes down depending on the motion
done. [Top] version goes to exact location, [behind] goes behind the opponent, [front] goes in front. The behind and front are useful because the hole tracks until a certain time, and if the opponent is continuously moving, then it will miss them. If you use these then the hole will move in front or behind the space that was tracked, so you can catch people moving continuously. This move is unblockable, tracks, and leads to good juggle combos. One of your best moves, and central to Noob’s mixup. Ex version is faster, does more damage, and easier to detect if it hits.

Secret Fatality “As One” : (D,D, B, D + block) Jump distance

Babality : (F, U, F + fp) Jump distance

Good Target Kombos
bf, fp, bf
A great string, central to mixup. If it hits, you can cancel into Shadow Tackle or Tele-slam, or cancel into Up Shadow Kick to make it safe. The third hit also has a delay, so if you teach your opponent to block the whole string, a throw can be done after the second hit and continue pressure. Starts 33% or more damage in the corner. Combos into disabler in the corner. One note is that cancelling this into a final move is oddly premature, almost as if your cancelling the second attack.

B + fp, bp, fp, bk
Very slow start-up means this move is primarily used off of a knockdown as a meaty attack. The third hit is an overhead, so mixup with this and the below Kombo is recommended. More mix-up can come from cancelling any attack into low shadow slide. Can combo into disabler in the corner, or teleslam from mid-screen. One note is that cancelling this into a final move is oddly premature, almost as if your cancelling the second attack.

B + fp, bp, bk
To be used as a mix-up with the above combo. The third hit is a low that gives you an untechable knockdown. However, this is punishable on block. You also cannot cancel this kombo, and as such cannot make it safe with Upward Shadow Kick.

bp, fp, bp ~ (teleslam, shadow tackle, low shadow)
B + fp, bp, fp, bk ~ (teleslam, shadow tackle, low shadow)
Black Hole, ^ nj. fp, dash, ^ B + fp, bp, fp, bk ~ (teleslam, shadow tackle, low shadow)

-bp, fp, bp ~ disabler
-B + fp, bp, fp, bk ~ disabler
-bp, fp, bp ~ upward shadow tackle, ^ bp, fp, bp, ~ upward shadow tackle, ^ D + bp (33%)
-bp, fp, bp ~ upward shadow tackle, ^ bp, fp, bp, ~ upward shadow tackle, ^ disabler or ex disabler
-bp, fp, bp ~ upward shadow tackle, ^ bp, fp, bp, ~ upward shadow tackle, ^ bp, fp ~ ex upward shadow, ^bp, fp (shadow tackle, low shadow)
-B + fp, bp, fp, bk ~ ex upward shadow, ^ bp, fp, bp ~ disabler

bp, fp, bp -> x-ray

Mid-screen only:
B + fp, bp, fp, bk -> x-ray

Video Section
Wednesday Night Fights:

Crazy Combo by D.R.


Yeah, after messing around with him it seems as though he is based around a nickle and dime style until he gets a knockdown to set up his columns guessing game. I cant really find any combos so far that do over like 19% that are viable so far, but its only been about 15 mins. His zoning game seems cool but it sucks when once 75% of the cast catches you they can hit you for 35+ percent. love his foot speed though!

hey guys, i’m also a noob main lol

just fyi, tom brady already wrote a hella dope guide for all the characters in MK9 on the testyourmight forums. if you guys wanna talk strategy and play this game hella seriously, go check out

and here’s a link to the noob saibot guide: [GUIDE] Noob Saibot

His BnB’s (well, the ones I made up) seem pretty straightforward and simple, 18-30% depending on the EXs, plus relatively simple way to land X-Ray or combo finisher with the up-down throw, don’t know the terminology heh.

In the corner you can end a target combo with the fireball, then either predict a wakeup attack or just do another high damaging combo, or loop another fireball (I didn’t try it in an actual match though, all training mode.) EX qcb lk (the shadow kick thing) has a ton of combo ability, resetting for more juggles.

Noob Saibot is more a 50/50 footsie and rushdown char who can zone out than hes about damage , dmg dont mean absolutely anything in this game anyways imo with the breaker system .
Antiair combos(easy on reaction) :
BP ,dash, FP bp, dash, FP bp , cr FP ,Saibot charge : 23% dmg
BP,xray :35%
Bp,dash,FP bp, teleport Slam:18%
Bp,dash,Bp,dash,Fp bp,disabler:13% and no guard on wakeup
Bp,teleport Slam :12%

Saibot Upknee has + frames on block . His cr Fk has lot of range AND is fast . U can use it to do 50/50 cr Fk tick throw , or cr Fk Saibot Upknee /Saibot Charge frametraps.

Will make some vids later .

Why cant we talk strategy here?

ranged? i thought Noob Saibot was more rushdown due to his speed, mind games and priority of normals, his zoning tactics are kind of average compared to an actual ranged character

some1 needs to make a few vids for this guy, all im seeing on youtube of him is his trailer and that same corner combo lool

Thread has been updated. Changed strategy significantly. Much thanks to everyone’s thoughts so far.

I don’t main Noob and plan on not touching him but Im liking how this guy plays noob. - TYMTV - Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 2 X, Street Fighter Zero 3 …

alioune is awesome

Ohoho, yes. I like.

people playing noob at WNF

i cant find any damge outside of the corners with him

also he seems to hog alot of meter

my corner bnb 2,1 ex knee jump up punch (bounce) 4, 4, f+333, knee, into something

I’ve tried fireball it never connects i cant remember if i tried 1 2 teleport grab or 2,1 teleport grab, you can try 21 and that qcb 2 unblockable cloud shit looks like it could be a bitch to get out of i couldnt test it with anybody though the highest i got was about 43% with one ex move no xray. you can use more ex knees to relauch them though and do more shit, but im flaked out now

I cant find nothing midscreen though

You cannot cancel into the d,f (behind) and d,f,b (in front) versions of blackhole. You can only cancel into d,b (above) version. I found this out while trying to find setups for blackhole. It must be an oversight on the developers part.

Has anyone found any decent setups for using blackhole or any use for this move at all? All of Noob’s combos that have knockdowns sends the opponent flying back, and blackhole (above) lands in front of the opponent for these. In the corner I don’t see a reason to use it over disabler for mixups on an opponents wakeup.

Black Hole (In Front) and Ex Teleport Slam

Why does it seem like Black Hole (In Front) and Ex Teleport Slam are impossible to do?

I press:

down-forward-back+2, and get no black hole

and I press

down-up+Block and get just a normal teleport…what gives? I can post a video if necessary


Well, I can now do the Ex Tele in a combo about half of the time, but it seems random, and I still can’t do it outside of a combo. And the black hole doesn’t even pretend like it wants to come out :confused:

For ex teleport slam, try hitting block before the up input: d,block,u. Not sure what your issue with black hole is. Maybe you’re not doing the motion fast enough?


I have other combos on My YouTube page as well and will be adding plenty more in time, even combo resets off disabler into death. Combo annotations can be found at

In the end, Noob’s the Gouken of MK. Zoning and keep away, but if you get the opponent in the corner and hit them, big damage. And with a correct guess afterward, death.

Nice! Down-Block-Up works like a charm…but thats odd that it works that way :confused: for black hole, beats the poop out of me :confused: :confused: I do it at the same speed or faster than I do liu kangs bicycle kick, which also has 3 motions and one button, and that work fine.