MK9 | Seeing that Freddy's in, can we expect Jason as well?

I read on several websites that their were rumors that not was Freddy rumored, but Jason Voorhees as well. Now seeing that Freddy’s confirmed, should we expect to see Jason announced in the next few months?

I hope so… At least remake Jason has no major differences from his classic self, unlike remake Freddy

They kinda’ have to. Warner Bros. absorbed New Line and therefore owns Jason.

NO freddy shouldnt be in this game already now jason to? nooooo

MK9 Freddy is neither Englund Freddy or Hayley Freddy. Its MK’s Freddy.

I hope not. I can’t stand Jason. Ed Boon hinted at Predator which would be 1000x better in my opinion. He even fits better aesthetically because the cyborgs look so much like him.

Kind of hope there are no more (paid) DLC characters at all…it’s so slow to learn how to play against a character when you aren’t willing to pay for them to practice with them.

hope not and i hope MK9 gets no more dlc i want them too work on UMK9 - 10 or improving MK9 like training mode and online if they can fix it.

ok… So instead of having a new rotation of different characters and dlc youd rather them stop entertaining you to work on a new version to pay 60 bucks for almost the same game…ie madden. I think neatherrealm is doing it right with the new characters and junk and wish other games would do the same . MK9 needs to figure out the servers for online play that is my only gripe about this kick ass fighting game makes an old schooler smile :smokin: and yah freddy v jason of course!!

how if you can help me out here i dont understand??

you guys cry too much

I’m thinking they’ll be releasing Jason (or some other horror character under WB property) as a Halloween special.

This is why GOTY editions exist. There are people who find convenience in having all available DLC in one disc. If they do add new content to the disc or change some stuff around, why can’t they make it readily available as DLC for the original again?

what theyre doing with MK9 is keeping it fresh making the replay value strong especially for a fighting game. which is good for the fighting game fans out there and its also nice to have good ol 2D fighting games back with modern graphics

Jason would be pretty gdlk. Would probably get back into MK casually just for him.

LOL there’s nothing to cry about ,Yh dlc is good season passes and what not they prob have winter dlc install for us, but the training mode with no record function is prob the reason top players have dropped of MK, MK won’t die as it backed up by WB and NRS but it can die in the competitive scene, stuff like improving the net code and training mode functions will prevent that from happening.

I just noticed your name, are you from TRMK?

Yessir, that I am! :slight_smile:

Voorhees please. Freddy’s lonely.

Training mode as is is pretty garbage.

  1. Settings aren’t saved. I don’t want to have to change my X-Ray to full and my opponent to auto-block EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I go in there.
  2. Recording doesn’t record only one person’s inputs, it records both. As a result, the only way to know if certain block strings or mixups are safe on block is to play with someone else, since replaying a recorded string will disable the second player’s controls.
  3. Button display does not show when buttons and directions are pressed simultaneously.
  4. When wakeup moves are turned on, there is no way to choose which wakeup they will use. Thus they might use the actual good invincible one, or a crappy one. Inconsistency like that means a lot more time on training mode trying out different scenarios.

Recording properly, displaying the inputs properly and giving you the choice of wakeups could do WONDERS for the community.