MK9 | Skarlet playable for free?

IDK, because I bought the Season Pass, but people are saying that you can play as Skarlet if you only download the compatibility patch (and not the Skarlet unlock).

Apparently, you can play her in Training and Ladder. Some people are also saying that you can play her online, but not everyone seems to agree with this.

She is totally free with the compatibility patch. I’m sure this is a mistake, but I was pretty happy to find that I could use her online and offline without paying…lol

NRS are big on ideas but also big on incompetence it seems. They’ll have to patch this for sure. Along with the netcode.

I’m hoping they release the patch fast.

That way they can try to fix the netcode problem along with the free Skarlet thing.

Apparently, this doesn’t work anymore. Though, you can still use her if you downloaded the compatibility pack earlier today.