MK9 | Smoke OTG Restored

For those of you who purchased the Kenshi pack with klassic costumes for Noob and Smoke, you can now perform an OTG smoke ball with Smoke’s MK2 costume (although with this costume, bnb combos deal 1% less damage).

They’re trying really hard, but it’s been a gripe of mine that there are actual gameplay discrepancies when you change outfits which don’t really make sense why they should. They’re costumes, let the character play the same, is it really that hard?

It’s a glitch. It’ll most likely be banned.

I think Cyrax is the same way (his bomb trap works with his MK3 outfit)

Human sektor has no real differences, human cyrax is like a slightly different cyrax who throws bombs with his hands and has a net launcher

So people are complaining that net trap and otg bomb are back? I thought we wanted them back?

They’re back on accident. Shit is sloppy.

I don’t care how they’re back. Just glad that it is.

Shouldn’t have been removed in the first place, I noticed this today too.

Gonna go online and rape a bit like pre-patch MK9 Smoke should :smiley: mmm mmm love my meterless 45% BnBs

Bullshit, he never should have had it, it’s retarded and not by design…