MK9 | The Ermac "We are many, you are but one." Thread

Ermac has an easy high damaging combo that works everywhere on the screen

BP, BP, Force Lift, move 1 little step, cr.BP, Force Push -> 36% on nightwolf
the uppercut has to hit him at the highest possible point to make the Force Push connect!

jump in with P and end the combo with Telepush (aka EX Forcepush) does 42% damage!

pretty easy and pretty good and i think thats not nearly the full potential of the combo

Force Lift is a GREAT move!

(wiki link removed for now - will be back on release)
bnb is 46%, with x-ray 59%, more probalby possible if you juggle with b+FP,BP,f+FP after telekinectic slam and link a QCB+Bk, dash up etc.

BP, BP, Force Lift, dash/move a little, d+BP, Force Push -> 36% on nightwolf

in corner
b+FK, BK, Force Lift, b+FK, BK, down+BF -> 27% on raiden

maybe you can even add some hits after the uppercut but i didnt figure out anything!

near corner (in corner makes f+FP wiff, out of corner makes follow ups wiff)
b+FP, BP, f+FP, j.K/P, j.Force Port -> 28% on raiden
b+FP, BP, f+FP, b+FK, BK, down+BP -> 32% on raiden
b+FP, BP, f+FP, Force Lift, d+BP, Force Push -> 39% on raiden
b+FP, BP, f+FP, Force Lift, X-ray -> 50% on raiden

out of corner
b+FP, BP, f+FP, dash, Force Lift, Force Push -> 29% on raiden
b+FP, BP, f+FP, dash, Telelift (aka EX FL), move/dash, d+BP -> 34% on raiden
b+FP, BP, f+FP, dash, Force Lift, X-ray -> 50% on raiden

being cornerd
Teleport (aka EX Force Port), Force Lift, d+BP, Force Push -> 31% on sub-zero

Teleport combos thx to AtTheGates
BP,BP,Force Lift, j.K, j.Force Port, X-ray -> 51% on sub-zero
BP,BP,Force Lift, j.K, j.Force Port, dash, BP, BP, Force Push 41% on sub-zero

i cant get the force push after the uppercut outside the corner. :wtf:


schau doch mal auf - Fighting with style vorbei, da tummeln sich alle deutschen :wink: im mom spiel ich noch auf ps3, meine 360 version kommt nächste woche, ab da hab ich dann auch ein gamertag.

@ Lokdogglol

just move a little step after Force Lift than uppercut him at the highest possible point into Force Push!
changed it!

@ gates

da bin ich auch!

hmmm…it seems that ermac doesnt have an overhead string…
so his only overheads are j.P and u+BK

jumping is mostly bad and u+BK is damn slow!
but sweeps wiff vs u+BK! thats good :smiley:

random stuff

2nd fatality: Pest Control
f,b,f,d,BK same place as F1

you can hold up to delay Hover Slam
d, d, u

you can jump in with K and cancel into Force Port/ Teleport, its kinda hard to make it hit, but it is possible!
j.K, Force Port
j.K, Teleport (aka EX Force Port)

you can do a VERY deep and late j.K, land, and combo into Force Lift

moves/combos that combo into Force Lift: Force Lift always leads to big damage

from FP
b+FP, BP, f+FP, dash
f+FP, FP, BK (corner only)

from BP
b+BP (fully charged)
b+BP, FP
b+BP, B+FP

from FK
b+FK, BK, dash

from BK
nothing so far

my BnB atm.

BP, BP, Force Lift, J.BK, Teleport ,dash BP, BP, fireball. 41%

most likely the same as ATG but it keeps them close :slight_smile:

oh and his Pit Fatality: d, u ,d ,d + FK

what are the advantages of using EX moves (sorry I’m a SF player) instead of the normal versions?

they do more damage and Teleport (aka EY Forceport) is comboable into Force Lift, but is there anything else?
frame advantage?
better positioning?

what does EX hover slam do except wasting 1 meter???
there isnt even a damage boost

Random thoughts/facts/combo’s

Found some stuff you can combo off ex teleport from anywhere on screen as lift can be linked after the launch hit. Pretty tight but definitely learnable. It’s prorated pretty high most I get is 21 dmg off it by doing EX port xx lift xx dash xx j. P xx Air Port. Leaves your right next to them for some mixup afterwards.

His EX Force Push is pretty good as it sets up safe jump type setups though I don’t think in MK9 you can safe jump some attacks or else I just haven’t gotten the timing down.

His Port can be used to extend combos after far launching hits midscreen. Such as
b. FP, BP, f. FP, Teleport,dash,lift,uppercut, ForcePush. 42 dmg subzero.

I can confirm after a really high uppercut you can link a forcepush afterwards the timing is just tight and they have to be pretty close when you do it.

b. FP seems to be a pretty good upclose normal as it’s easily hit confirmable into high damage and pretty safe.

Ermac’s mixup game seems pretty bleh though you can use dash cancels to use his b. BP unblockable to scare them and try and bait a reversal by doing dash cancel into block. Or mixup by dashing forward into whatever.

I think a lot of ermac’s normals are misclassified. A lot of his “highs” hit non blocking or blocking crouchers so they act as “mids”

How safe is his teleport punch? What are some scenarios where it is ok to use as a mixup, setups…ect?

Does anyone have any info on what his best moves and strings are yet and why?

What his best mixups are? I read he has no proper overhead, doesnt that severely limit his pressure?

What are his most spammable moves? Noob killer tactics?

Any unique properties to his specials/EX moves?

Not sure if these have been mentioned yet, but here’s what I’m currently using with Ermac:

b+3,4, teleport punch, teleslam, b,f+1 OR jump kick, air fireball OR EX teleslam, OR x-ray

3,1,teleslam, jump straight up kick, teleport punch, teleslam, b,f+1 OR jump kick, air fireball OR EX teleslam, OR x-ray

b+1,2,f+1, dash up, teleslam, jump punch, teleport punch, b,f+1

Even though ermac doesn’t have much of a rushdown game. His zoning game is pretty top notch and his air teleport punch sets up some interesting stuff as you can bait anti-airs.

For the most part trying to bait anti-projectile moves and using force push at it’s max range has been netting me pretty solid results against my friends so far. Force Push is a strong mid-far anti-air also as the hitbox is GIGANTIC. Also if they jump right outside uppercut range you can sometimes anti-air with Force Lift.

In general ermac is really good at turning bad movement mistakes into big damage.

Also I don’t know why people keep talking about BP, BP chain when it’s a high,high. FP,BP is lower damage but they can’t duck the second hit. Also b.FP,BP, confirm f.FP is a really solid string after a jump-in.

im going to main ermac and smoke

ermac is def. top tier if u ask me, hes one of the few players who has multiple entrances to multiple high damage combos

either crouching kick can be combo
d into a tele slam and he has solid block strings, not only that his combos are easy to execute(and have solid potential)

What low does he have into combo’s? Unless it’s a tightly time link I don’t see how that could be done.

Note: I found a cool think that if you combo a low from a juggle they will go into the hit state they normally would if you hit them standing with that low. So if you use f. BK or df. FK it will send them from a juggle into standing it’s kinda funny to be honest but I managed to work in once or twice and reset into throw which was kinda cool.

both his low fk and bk string directly into teleslam from what ive noticed, or maybe i got it wrong?

ah your right they just aren’t hit confirmable in anyway lol, have to be done pretty fast.

you both are wrong! it looks like it would combo but it doesnt!
you get 3 hits but telelift alone does 3 hits!
set the dummy to crouch and auto-block! you will see, that he blocks this shit!
or am i doing anything wrong? we talk about Telelift (aka EX Force Lift), do we? cuz Tele slam isnt in my movelist!