MK9 | The Kenshi General Discussion Thread!

MK9’s 2nd DLC character, the blind swordsman Kenshi, is here!

Special Moves:

:b: :f: BP, Spirit Charge: Kenshi sends out an astral projection of himself that shoulder charges the opponent, kinda like a zoning version of Nightwolf’s Shoulder. EX version comes out faster, hits farther away.

:d: :b: FP, Rising Karma: Kenshi’s astral projection does an uppercut with his sword, using it as a launcher. Good for extending juggles, EX version does a followup after the initial uppercut for more damage.

Telekinetic Slash: Kenshi’s Astral Projection comes down from above with a helm splitting slash. Is an overhead. :d: :b: BK makes the projection come down right in front of Kenshi. :d: :f: BK makes it come out at around mid range. :d: :b: :f: BK makes the projection come out at full screen distance. EX of all 3 versions add an additional hit that knocks the opponent back.

:b: :f: FK, Tele-flurry: Kenshi sends out his astral projection to rough up his opponent. Automatically goes to where his opponent is on the ground. Not as broken as it seems. The projection can be easily jumped, and Kenshi is left open if its avoided. EX does more hits and knocks the opponent back.

X Ray, Soul Blade: Kenshi flings his sword at his opponent to start the X ray. If the sword hits, he teleports up to his opponent, takes back his sword that was in the opponent’s stomach in order to slam the butt of the weapon into his opponent’s skull, fracturing it. Than he slashes the opponent upward across their sternum, the impact so forceful it slices through their ribcage and hits vital organs, knocking them back.

It’s kinda like Sektor’s XR activation. Not sure if it’s slower or faster.

Comboes (courtesy of xJayx)

Reserved, just in case.

midscreen bnbs:
j1 > f+2 2 b+1 > dash > f+3 2 > rising karma > dash > f+3 2 > spirit charge (39%)

j1 > f+2 2 b+1 > dash > 21 > rising karma > dash > f+3 2 > spirit charge (37%)

j1 > f+2 2 b+1 > dash f+2 2 > rising karma > f+2 2 > tele slash (38%) this one best used on zoners so u can keep them near u

low high bnb:
j1 > f+3 2 > rising karma > dash > f+3 2 > spirit charge (30%)

f+3 2 > rising karma > dash > f+2 2 > XR (37%)

cant wait to find his good and bad match-ups

I managed to get 48% mid screen xray and in the corner 53% xray

Wow, best I can manage is 30% in a corner, j. :f:1/2, 2 1 :b:2, 2 1 :b:2, 2> Spirit Charge. You guys are ahead of the Kenshi game, lol…/jealousy

For those wondering what all of his Fatalities are, I took a screenshot here:

Scatterbrained: Up, Down, Up, Down + Block (Sweep)
Split Ends: Back, Forward, Down, Forward + 2 (Jump)
Stage Fatality: Down, Forward, Down + 3 (Varies)
Babality: Down, Back, Down + 1 (Jump)

His Spirit Charge works great as a Wakeup.

Anybody knows some good mix ups with Kenshi?

Feels like you could just crouch block all his attacks.

I recorded some vids need to upload but if they block upper just just use brain power forward x triangleto break block then use spirit charge to knock back or rising karma to combo small. if crouch block jump over head to combo or just back stab to knock back. hope this helps.

well you could do crouching 3 into close tele slash pressure it is an overhead so then once they know the overhead is coming thats when you start the low high bnb pressure

Except b+2, the most important attack of all (j/k).

But seriously, b+2 is an insanely fast overhead. Not only that but the Telekinetic Slash is overhead and covers the entire screen if the proper one is done, while the Tele-flurry can be crouched under but has full screen coverage. So it can be something as simple as (combo ending with Spirit Charge), T-F, TKS, TKS, T-F and constantly mix it up, then Spirit Charge when they approach and repeat. Since his TKS is an overhead and is fast and does 10%, he will have an advantage on fireball wars. But if it’s not enough, his Reflect will be.

Another good mixup is 2, 1, b+2 (overhead) as opposed to 2, 1, f+3 (low). Sadly the f+3 doesn’t seem to cancel into anything, while the b+2 can cancel into Spirit Charge or Tele-Flurry.

Actually your controls are not on default in that picture.

I know this because Scatterbrained is U, D, U, D, Block, not 4. Split Ends is written fine. Haven’t tried the babality/stage so I’m not sure if those are the right buttons. Can someone check?

yeah f+3 can cancel in to a special i really havent checked all of them but rising karma can for sure

Oh yeah, my bad. Scatterbrained is with Block. I use a TE stick to play and I have my B set to Block, that’s why. Everything else should be fine though.

45% corner combo: J+1, f+2 2 b+1, 2 1 b+2, 3, db+1, 3, db+1, d+1, bf+2

My midscreen bnb is:

J+1, f+2 2 b+1, dash, f+3 2, db+1, dash, f+2 2 b+2 which is 38%

THIS is very interesting! I was sad that the low hit didn’t lead to anything so there was no real mixup.

Here’s some flashy combos that use up to two bars but looks hella cool. If you want to style on them to finish it off, I suggest these. Additionally, after f+3, 2 nothing can be Breaker’d.

f+3, 2, d,b+1B (EX, 2 hits), b,f+3 (3 hits)
f+3, 2, d,b+1B (EX, 2 hits), dash, b,f+2
f+3, 2, d,b+1B (EX, 2 hits), b,f+3B (EX, 5 hits)
f+3, 2, d,b+1B (EX, 2 hits), b,f+2B (EX, 2 hits)

You can add a j.p or even start them with f+2, 2, 1, dash.

corner bnb:
2 1 b+2 > 2 1 b+2 > 2 > rising karma > f+3 2 > spirit charge (39%)

yeah i’ve seen way more damaging corner bnbs but its mine C: