MK9 | The Skarlet General Discussion Thread!



Wow… well, she’s shit now. No mixups, crap combos. Soon as they patch that out, I’m not bothering.

edit: Oh, I just found out that what they’re removing isn’t Dash into Slashes, but Dash into Slide into Slashes, which I never even used or was aware of. So LOL I’m still playing the crap out of her.


Skarlet is brutal!!!
She really gets her reputation of the blood ninja (see Fatalities).
Also, one of her special moves is throwing blood at the person.


It is so much fun to chip someone to death with it. It does 8% chip damage! Sure it costs 7% of your life but hey.


Lol, way to get down opponent’s life; SIMPLE, sacrifice your own!


hey just wanted to say… doesnt really have much to do with skarlet, but catbond you are effin NASTY! i thought i was good at all mks, but god damn… some of your combos you put together are unbelievable! keep up the good work everyone… you guys put alot of effort in!



Actually I’ve found a way to get a pseudo +8% using the Blood Ball and the 1, 1, 2 reset. For example:

2, 1, 2, Dagger (hold), dash, 2, 1, 2, Dagger (hold), dash, 1, 1, 2 XX Blood Ball, aim down.

This is what happens. The opponent eats the ~33% combo (can’t remember how much exactly), but with the 1, 1, 2 reset and hit stun they will be helpless against the incoming Blood Ball. So they have three choices. Block and take 8% (so the combo actually did 41%), do a move with armor and take the 15% or just take the 15% lol

Locally though, if the Blood Ball is not blocked, it does less damage because they will be hit during the hitstun, and even though it’s not a combo it will scale as a result.


I approve this message!


It’s funny, I’ve resorted to doing that Blood Ball reset cancel most of the time now. Online it won’t hit when staggered so they block the whole 8% or take 15%. It’s pretty nice.

The mentioned combo is 31%. Checked it yesterday. So 31% plus the 6-8% from chip damage is actually a very easy as pie 37-39% combo. Meterless, so to speak. lol

Try these too:

b+2, Down Slash, dash, b+2, Down Slash, Dagger Toss (hold) XX dash, 1, 1, 2 XX Blood Ball, aim down
(corner) b+2, Down Slash, NJP, b+2, Down Slash, b+1, 1, f+2 XX Down Slash, 1, 1, 2 XX Blood Ball, aim down

Also, her tag assist (d,b+Tag) is her Blood Ball, which you can redirect, and costs Skarlet no health whatsoever for the same damage (instead it costs 1 bar like any other tag assist). Example with Sonya/Skarlet in the corner:

(Sonya) b+2, 1 XX Kartwheel XX b+2, 1 XX Skarlet Tag Assist, 2, 1, Leg Toss for 40+%


Won a tournament with Skarlet on Saturday. Fun times. Used the Blood Ball reset once to chip FTW.


anyone know how to do this?


Hold the button for the daggers, dash back out of the daggers, cancel the dash animation into more daggers.

In order to get around it, the opponent HAS to either:

  1. Have a teleport
  2. Have a low fireball
  3. Have an invincible or armored EX or wakeup move
  4. Have aerial mobility such as dive kicks
  5. Have a fireball with a faster startup

For everyone else, the only thing there is to do is slowly dash in. It’s an uphill battle.


Are people scared to post here about MK or something?