MK9 | The Sonya Blade Thread

I will be switching the notation soon.

A general thread for Sonya Blade combos, mixups, matchups, or if you just want to talk about Sonya. Didn’t see a thread so I figured I’d make one, since she is pretty popular. I mean come on, with a rack and moves like that, how can you not like her?

Also I have been gathering some of the new information from the newly updated guide on TYM. Don’t credit me, credit them. Sonya Guide UPDATED Sonya Combos



B,F+LP - Energy Ring Blast - projectile, safe up close. Somewhat useful. EX version is decent, two shots, good for chip and the likes.

B,F+HK - Leg Grab - DO NOT USE THIS OUTSIDE COMBOS. Invincible as a wake up.

D,B+LP - Kiss - grants a combo on hit, can be ducked and uppercutted. EX version slightly faster.

D,B+HK - Arc Kick - for going over projectiles and heavily punishable. Invincible as a wake up.

D,F+LK - Kartwheel -safe cartwheel, and launches. Can jump back dive kick on block (if you think they’ll follow), EX has armor.

D+HK (in air) - Air Drop - good for crossing up, but punishable if blocked. Leads to good damage.

Air Throw - Grab in air - beats air normals, but can be punished if whiffed and landed.

D,B+HP - Military Stance - stance that leads to mixup, and can be made to make things safer.

  • HK - Double Kick

  • LK - Power Knee

  • LP - Shoulder

  • HP - Knockdown

  • LK+LP, LP+HP - Tackle

  • F+B -Dash Punches

  • B+HP - Lift Off

  • B+HK - Hit the Deck

*About Military Stance - after trapping someone with a safe string, cancel to Military Stance, dash cancel, repeat. You can yomi your opponent with jumping out or hitting buttons with B+HP or Kartwheel respectively. If you think they will then try to duck, go for the tackle (LK+LP, LP+HP). Can also make blocked jump in punches safe.

See Tom Brady’s video [media=youtube]EFPDd9BSo3s[/media]. More info in the guide linked above.

X-Ray Attack - Good by itself, not really good in combos, but it is unbreakable damage, so use it to your discretion.


LP - crouch blockers get hit, but whiffs on repeat. Whiffs on non-blocking crouchers.
LK - standard outward kick
HP - downward puch, hits crouchers
HK - knee kick, hits crouchers

D+HP - standard uppercut, misses crouchers, anti air
B+HP - hook punch, misses crouchers
F+HP - backfist, hits crouchers
B+LK - hop kick, hits crouchers
F+HK - overhead kick, spins opponent, safe on block, grants a safe jump in
B+HK - conventional sweep

Throw - gains her and advantage to do dive kick shenanigans.


LP, LP, HP - High, High, High

LP, LP, HK - High, High, High (last hit launches, safe on block)

HP, LP, B+LK - High, High, High (last hit knocks away, first two hits are safe on block)

HP, LP, B+HK - High, High, Low (last hit sweeps, first two hits are safe on block)

F+HP, HP, HK - High, High, Overhead (second hit whiffs on crouching)

B+HP, LP, F+HP - High, High, High (last hit launches, safe on block)

LK, LP, HP - High, High, High (second hit launches and misses crouchers)

LK, LP, HK - High, High, High (second hit launches and misses crouchers)

HK, HK - High High (safe on block)

Military Stance - HK - High, High (launches, second hit can whiff if not close enough, safe on block)
Military Stance - LK - High (launches)
Military Stance - HP - High (knocks away, Sonya will pass through a blocking opponent in the corner?)
Military Stance- LP - High (bumps away)
Military Stance - LP+LK, LP+HP - Medium (grabs crouch blockers)
Military Stance - F+LP - Low, Low (knocks down, safe on block)
Military Stance - B+HP - High (launches, whiffs crouchers, safe on block)
Military Stance - B+HK - Low (sweeps, knocks down, faster than regular sweep)

Fast Tags

HP, Tag

D,B+LP, Tag

B+HP, LP, F+HP, Tag

D,F+LK, Tag

Tag Kombos

LP, LP, Tag

HP, LP, Tag

F+HP, HP, Tag

LK, LP, Tag


D, D, B, F, LP - Scissor Split

D, B, F, B, HK - Kut-Throat

B, F, D, LP - Stage Fatality

D, D, F, LK - Babality



LK, LP, Ring Blast - 14%

LP, LP, LK, Ring Blast - 15%

j.HP, LP, LP, HK, Ring Blast - 22%

LP, LP, HK, Kartwheel, Leg Grab - 23%

F+HP, HP > Kartwheel > Leg Grab - 25%

F+HP, HP > Kartwheel > F+HP, HP > Kartwheel - 26%

1,1,4-MS,B+2, (Walk Slightly) 1, B+2,1-MS,1+3,1+2 26%

j. HP, LP, LP, HK > Kartwheel> B+HP, LP, F+HP - 27%

B+HP, LP, Kartwheel, dash, HP, Ring Blast - 28%

B+HP, LP > Kartwheel > B+HP, LP > Kartwheel - 31%

2,1-cartwheel, dash, B+2,1,F+2, (Slight pause) 1,1,4-MS,2 31%

B+HP, LP, F+HP > B+HP, LP, F+HP > j.HK > Air Throw - 32%

F+HP, HP > Kartwheel > Dash > B+HP, LP, F+HP > j.HK> Air Throw - 32%

B+HP, LP > Kartwheel > Dash > B+HP, LP, F+HP > j.HK> Air Throw - 36%

j.2~dive, 2,1~cartwheel, dash, b+2,1, dash, 4,4~Arc kick -37%

B+2,1-cartwheel, dash, B+2,1,F+2, 2-MS,1+3,1+2 37%

Dive Kick, HP, LP >Kartwheel > Dash >B+HP, LP, F+HP >j.HK > Divekick - 38%

j.2~dive, 2,1~cartwheel, dash, b+2,1~leg grab - 39%

(j.HP), B+HP, LP, F+HP, nj.HP, walk forward, B+HP, LP, F+HP, LP, LP, Leg Grab (40% with jump in)

B+2,1-cartwheel, B+2,1,Kiss, B+2,1,F+2, 1,1,4-MS,1+3,1+2 43%

EX Move Combos

X-Ray Combos

LP, LP, HK > X-Ray - 29%

LK, LP, HP > X-Ray - 36%

j.2~dive, 2,1~cartwheel, dash, b+2,1~X-ray -47%

Sonya Blade Unlockable Stuff

Alternate Costume - Hollow Infestation, Chest 22

Second Fatality - Bloodmarsh, Chest 35

Second Fatality Sketch - Deadlands, Chest 19

Sonya Primary Costume Concept - Deadlands, Chest 27

Sonya Alternate Damage Concept - Deadlands, Chest 82

Sonya Render - Bloodmarsh, Chest 6

Sonya Blade Damage Concept - Bloodmarsh, Chest 32

Matchups Section


I’m Loving the rush down ability her d+LK in the air gives, similar to Cammy’s dive kick and B. Jennet’s dive knee. You can even cancel air normals with it, do it out of backwards, upwards and forward jumps and change your jump arc in an instant. Too bad this game doesn’t have cross ups (really).

Really useful tool though. Look forward to finding broke shiz with it.

Yes it is indeed fun, I’m finding more fun with Sonya combo wise than Raiden, but it’d break my heart if I got fatalitied with her.

Anyways I love her strings, they seem really easy and varied.

Can you use her dive by jumping out of ground normals safely? I tried it and it didn’t seem likely.

I’ve been trying to work on some combos, trying to see if I can fit two cartwheels in them, and I failed miserably. Going to keep working on basic practical combos at the moment. Also has anyone found a good use for her Military Stance?

I try and Military to HK as an anti-air, but it’s a lot of inputs where I could probably just uppercut. I like her. b.X,Y,f.X juggle possibilities, intrigued by that mostly. Not to mention her alt. costume is awesome.

I’ve yet to get that SG…

Yeah I tried her out for a little bit but didn’t play around with her too much. I’m wondering what can punish it on block? It seems safe since she bounces back pretty low so she wouldn’t get juggled much, but I could be wrong.

Gramps and Joe-Joe as Sonya players? At least I can beat you both down on a nightly basis and get practice against DEM RACKS son.

It has a ton of landing recovery on top of the bounce. I was getting punished with dash uppercuts.

It’s basically Sonya “T2 Sarah Connor” Blade. Pretty ballin’. Although I wish the tank top didn’t reveal so much cleavage, I can buy Kitana and the like having ridiculous outfights but for a soldier like Sonya it makes no damn sense.

Can someone give me any advice on the direction i should be going with building meter with her? should i go for the xray or use it n segments? also, i have a arcade stick and i just wanted to know if the default setup is the standard controls for the game.

I main Raiden and looking at Sonya and Ermac as subs. I haven’t touched Ermac yet though.

How do you unlock her outfit and Fatality? I take from points for her outfit, which you get in the Challenge Tower right? And her Fatality in story or something? I haven’t done any modes outside of Practice and online.

You can unlock Alternate outfits by either A: Finding a concept sketch of it in the Krypt or B: winning a Ladder tournament with the character.

Fatalities though I only know that you can get them in the Krypt. I think if you execute the Fatality in a match without unlocking it, it’ll do so. Not sure.

Sonya Joe started the thread?

When I played her in the Story Mode, I found that I liked her. Never played her since Deadly Alliance. Progressing through Story Mode though, I don’t think anyone has a dive kick that’s safe on block. Cyber SZ has two of them(close and far).

If I wasn’t so caught up with working on my tag team ninjas I would play her more.

I feel like sonya is prety gdlk.

Ive been spamming dive kicks rufus style and following them up with backkick then leg grab

theres another combo I do that ends in legs but I have no idea if its front whatever, backwhatever etc.

Seems like legs combo into a lot which is cool

Starting to mess around with Military Stance, seems its pretty useful for mixup strings at least. If you got the opponent blocking say: LP, LP, HK then you can cancel to Military Stance and do B+HK for a faster sweep than a standard one. Or the tackle should get crouchers as well.

Pretty obvious but I think its a nice find nonetheless.

I think her Xray combos after a dive kick, or after a normal back kick

Sonya, IMO, is one of the most mobile characters in the game. Her dive kick allows her to move quickly across the screen, and majority of her stance attacks have amazing range.

A fun fact about her dive when canceling out of BK, you just have to press down to cancel into the dive kick. I find this to be a quicker way to cancel into it.

front kick, front punch, back punch, xray

13 hits of glory


I like Sonya. She’s cool.