MK9 | Trouble Getting in

I play jax because i really feel like he is a sleeper. After one knockdown his mixups are very strong. He does massive damage, has one of the best xrays in the game and can even play some range game. However whenever I play (casuals) against a friend of mine I can’t get in against his scorpion. He can just there and react to what I’m doing. For example if I try to ease my way closer he hell fires me, If i jump in he can spear me, if i throw a projectile he teleports. I can do some damage after I build meter with ex dash punch, but it still takes to long. Could i get some tips or help or is this just a really bad matchup?


bait him.

Yeah, baiting will work. Get the the first hit in and do some damage then make him come to you. If you stand block the teleport its a free Kombo. He hellfires, you jump at him. Anytime you knock him on the floor keep your finger ready to block the wakeup and do your best to walk him to the corner. Once your in the corner go for Jax’s 100% corner kombo. Also if your near a corner and catch him with wakeup ex dash punch make sure you hold back to turn him to the corner. If your finding that alot of time he runs from you holding back on that ex dash punch plants him right next to you.