MK9 Truck Tour Footage



Looks like they changed Mileena’s X-ray. Good thing, she had the lamest one of them all.


Still looks lame, imo. Kano hands down has the best one… Two knives into each thigh, breaking the bone… finished with a “This is Sparta” boot to the cranium. No respect.

Somewhat random… but does anyone have GOOD footage of Reptile? I have yet to see a video of him now getting completely blown up.


Yeah seen all those… I guess I just meant Reptile doing something positive… like winning.

/Charlie Sheen


Yeah, the vids I seen of Reptile seem like his moves need to be buffed in some way, because he has got murked in every video I have seen.

Force Ball easily avoided, Acid Spit too.

The way that Sonya video was, Force Ball was zero factor for her.

My suggestions even though the game ain’t out.

Force Ball needs Zero recovery.:tup:

Good thing I don’t like Reptile, or else I would be upset.