MK9 Update Version 1.02 is live!

Updated 6/14

TYM has received word that these “detective notes” received by Tom Brady are “mostly accurate” and are the closest thing we have right now to the “Official” list of patch notes for the most recent update. Although an official list should be posted soon, now is a good time to check these notes out and review your respective fighters and make the appropriate changes to your game-play, if necessary.

Again, these notes came from Tom Brady and are “officially-said” to be mostly accurate.

1. Kung Lao spin has 6 more negative frames on block.
2. Kung Lao cannot do any more then 2 dive kicks in corner combos.
3. Kung Lao hat loop removed.
4. Sindel infinite removed.
*5. Sindel can link scream after her standing

*6. Ermac can no longer

7. Reptile dash has more recovery on block.
*8. Reptile

acid ball goes through projectiles.*
*9. Johnny Cage

shadow kick has armor.*
*10. Jade

staff overhead and

shadow kick have armor.*
*11. Nightwolf

shoulder has armor. also, his throw is no longer punished by a wake up attack.*
*12. Cyrax command grab now has a 10 frame window to break and can be broken with


13. Cyrax bomb trap removed.
14. Cyrax damage reset removed.
15. Smoke otg smoke bomb removed.
16. Sonya can no longer immediately cancel out of military stance with a dash cancel.
*17. Jax

dash punch goes farther and has armor.*
*18. Jax can now cancel is ground pound with


19. Stryker no longer punished by wake up attack after Xray hits the opponent.
20. 11 frame tracking window on Shang close ground skull removed.
21. Kabal block infinite removed.
*22. Raiden

is now negative on block.*
23. Raiden now falls slower after wiffed air superman allowing for and easier punish.
24. Quan Chi trance reset removed.
25. Quan chi can no longer skeletal boost after a trance trades with an attack.
26. Quan Chi is at less advantage after sky drop hits.
27. Quan Chi can now move after trance hits.
*28. characters that got punished by a wake up attack after a ground breaker fixed. *

PLEASE say netcode was improved! i don’t wanna go on to see for myself cause i’ll be disappointed if it isn’t

Netcode has been improved. Keep in mind tho that the lag is situational like other fighters.

I’d say it’s on the level of SF4/MvC3 from my experience playing post-patch.

I swear they gave Johnny Cage’s Ex Shadow kick some armor, it doesn’t work against Scorpion’s spears, but I was definitely going through Kabal’s projectiles while taking damage!

A lot of specials got armor, I guess they want to change the way we use meter, instead of using it on breakers a lot use it on ex moves.

""pakostevens Paulo Garcia
A post-patch hotfix with some changes to Kano,KL,& QC is still coming. Don’t panic!"
Just a little update.

Cyrax is now ass the bomb trap is gone and us CG is useless, i think I’m about done with this game

I hope this is true, so all the fucking kano, kitana, noob, kabal, sindel spammers get fucked from long range!

You are so funny man. Are you a clown?

Cyrax still has a strong 50/50 that can lead into big damage. And all his tools remains as useful as before. You dropping MK9 altogether because of this minor issue makes you a scrub in my book. Real players won’t mind losing their glitches and infinites.

Also don’t lose hope if you’re a Quan Chi, Sonya or Cyrax player. NRS said they would consider buffing them in the near future to make up for their glitches being taken out.

Lol, Vulcan is so passionate :stuck_out_tongue:

removing things like the bombtrap and otg smokebomb only makes the game homogenized than it already is, there is better ways to balance these things than just outright remove them. online is still crap and AE has just hit consoles, id rather spend my time on that.

If I’m reading the reports right, they didn’t just remove the otg smoke bomb after air throw. They removed smoke bomb from combos entirely. Worthless character now.

Incorrect. He can still use smoke bomb in combos.

Can you confirm on a patched version? So far we have this statement:

Smoke reg bomb no longer otgs mid combo. EX bomb does otg mid combo…but knocks away.

by digimonemporer. Certainly seems to be the case.

I do have the patch. Regular smoke bomb can still otg mid combo, timing is a little more strict. For example:

B+2,3 xx smoke bomb xx 3, D+1,2 xx j.2, airgrab (as an example) = 32%

Oh wow, that’s really good to know. I have no clue what digimonemorer was trying to say then.

Can someone who has the patch see if you can trance into boost and continue the combo? That’d be hella sweet.

@pakostevens Having trouble convincing Smoke players that he won’t be bad after the upcoming patch. Can you convince them?
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pakostevens Paulo Garcia
@ZebiaX I’m pretty sure post patch Smoke is better off. Ppl like to assume alot and whine even more.

Uhh, he’s definitely not better. A 10% combo ender that only brings it 5% over what he used to be able to do that uses 1 meter and makes you lose your oki options is definitely not worth losing damage off of the options he used to have.

What was changed in Cyrax’s bomb trap? I noticed after the command grab punches, the opponent has more time to jump or teleport out and avoid the bomb I threw out. Is that what the change was, or am I just being slow for some reason.

I was still able to bomb trap some decent players, mostly when they were non-teleporting characters and/or trapped in the corner.