MK9 | Welcome to my Nightmare: The Freddy Krueger Strategy Thread

Move list:
Hell Spike: Close :d::b:+1
Hell Spike: Medium :d::f:+1
Hell Spike: Far :d::b::f:+1
EX Hell Spike: Either of the above motions, with 1+BL

Hell Spike is very fast on startup, able to punish things like Cyber Sub’s dive kick. It is a claw coming straight up from the ground, about 1 character wide. Close appears in front of Freddy, Medum appears about 1 jump distance away, Far will be slightly further than two jump distances away, able to hit opponents on toe furthest side of the screen. Each will cause a relatively high bounce, possibly leading to a combo. After hitting one, the opponent bounces back slightly so they can be hit by the next type. Comboing one type into another grants a relatively high bounce as well, but comboing the same type into itself will cause a very fast drop to the ground, stopping your combo. EX Hell Spike counts as only one type no matter what motion was used, but it is not recommended as a full screen combo ender unless it would end the round. EX Hell Spike, however, causes a long stagger. It also brings aerial opponents immediately to the ground. This allows for extended combos, and serves as one of Freddy’s anti-air options due to him crouching while doing it, lowering his hitbox.

Sweet Dreams: :d::f:+4
EX Sweet Dreams: :d::f:+4+BL

Sweet Dreams is an interesting move. It begins when Freddy raises his hand, and he does not need to finish the animation for the move to complete. It is a slow projectile coming from above the opponent’s position when his hand is raised (meaning if the opponent moves after, this might miss), so it is best to use after hard knockdowns or when expecting parries. I’ve had it hit someone out of their throw animation because they threw me after I did it. Maybe I’m crazy. This is a great way to make your block strings a bit safer, like Shang Tsung’s up fireball. Whether the opponent is in the ground, standing or in the air, if this projectile hits the opponent is put to sleep for about 1 second. An aerial opponent is brought to the ground. The EX version travels much faster. Neither version can put to sleep from a combo from an EX Hell Claw. Well, they do connect after the EX Hell Claw, but as soon as the projectile hits the opponent is dropped straight to the ground, with no opportunities then to use this as a reset, similar to trying to do two Fan Lifts with Kitana. You CAN, however, continue the combo in the corner if you use a fast enough starter like f+4.

Glove Toss: :b::f:+2
EX Glove Toss: :b::f:+2+BL

A fast projectile with fast recovery, travelling horizontally. It will hit some slide moves that try to go under and can hit Noob before he recovers from tossing any clones if both are done at the same time. With most projectiles, he can recover and block if done at the same time as the opponent. EX version does more damage and knocks down, but otherwise the projectile does a slight bit of stagger but that stagger does not allow for combos. After this stagger though, you can try a Hell Claw to punish attempts at jumping.

Freddy Fingers: :d::b:+2
EX Freddy Fingers: :d::b:+2+BL

A slower startup, slower recovery projectile, but however it travels on the ground like Kabal’s Saw or Kung Lao’s low hat, stuffing every non-armored, non-invincible slide approach. If done midscreen and the opponent jumps, it can be easily punished due to the recovery (wish Kung Lao’s hat had similar frame data), and cannot be spammed in projectile wars due to its slower startup and said recovery. EX Fingers are faster and knock down, regular fingers just hit and stagger a bit.

Dream Shift Away: :d::b:+3
Dream Shift Towards: :d::f:+3
EX Dream Shift: same motion corresponding to where you want to move with 3+BL

Dream Shift is a trolleport. It’s not exactly a teleport, and people not experienced with the matchup might think it is. The reality is that Freddy just becomes invisible, travels in the desired direction about 1 jump distance, then reappears. During this travel, even on wakeup, he can be hit with normals and specials, so it is NOT desirable as an escape route from frame traps unless those traps involve projectiles. These teleports are only completely immune against projectiles, letting Freddy move in and screw with zoners’ heads. Now, EX versions are invincible and good for wakeups, as they also travel a longer distance. EVERY projectile can be escaped from using a Dream Shift, except bomb explosions of any kind. Of course, bomb traps involving nets or ice beams are SOL since you’ll just move through their net or beam (mind you for the beam you have to start it pretty late, but you can avoid the entire EX ice beam). Also good on wakeup is the Dream Shift Away, as long as you’re not in the corner. End result is you’ll move a lot farther away, but if you try it too late you might still get hit.

Nightmare Stance: :d::b:+4
Open Wide: From Nightmare Stance, 1
Claw Slam: From Nightmare Stance, 2
Low Slash: From Nightmare Stance, 3

Nightmare Stance is a low stance where Freddy reels back to drag his back claw against the floor. You cannot block during this but non-low projectiles go over him. He can hit BL or dash to cancel out of it, but none of the followups can combo in time unless they are being help down by sleep or EX Hell Claw. Open Wide is a launcher but launches too far to combo unless in the corner. Claw Slam is an overhead that causes a hard knockdown (follow it with Sweet Dreams, for example). Low Slash is a low attack. They are pretty fast, but the startup of Nightmare Stance mixed with the startup of the followups means you can’t do a combo, cancel into Nightmare Stance and keep going. It’s another anti-air option for Freddy (by means of Open Wide or Claw Slam).

What a Rush: BL+BK+FK (X-Ray)

Freddy steps forward and does a VERY FAST upward slash, then stabs their ribcage and slashes them across the face. Very easily comboable, and because it’s only three hits doesn’t scale too badly. Try a jump punch into f+4, 2, 1, X-Ray for 54%, or without a punch for 51%. Because he moves forward so much, it’s not good as an anti-air, but is great for combos.

Tell 'Em That Freddy Sent Ya: :b::f::d::d:+1 (anywhere)
Welcome To My Nightmare: :d::u::f::b:+BL (sweep)
Stage Fatality: :f::d::d:+3
Babality: :b::f::d:+1 (jump)

For combos and strategies, visit the following thread!

j1 (for jumping in punch) , 1, 1, enhanced hell spike (anyone) back 1, 2, up 1, up1 (for straight up jump punch), back 2, uppercut = 43%

many variations to this combo, but the key is the enhanced hell spike will continue combos.

another one is the same up till the up 1, then you can do back 2 , 1 , 1, glove toss… also 43%

anyone have any opinions on how to use the hell spike without enhanced? i cant seem to link it to anything besides the three together.

j1, 3, 3, enhanced spike, j1, 3, 3, enhanced spike = 37%

j1, 2, 2, enhanced spike, back 1, 2, up 1, u1, 3, 3, glove toss = 45%

with enhanced glove toss = 47%

For regular spike, try simply jp, b+2, Close spike, f+4, 2, 1, Far Spike.

To keep the board clean, could you link to this thread for combos: Kung Fu this, Bitch: The Freddy Combo Thread
in order to reserve this one for strategy purposes? Thanks, keep up the good work!

Combos and some strategies.