Why does Capcom games such as Trash Fighter and Trash Fighter versus Comic books get their own forums while everything else is a thread?

From the looks of it, there is a super meter, dashing, juggle combos. Games are fun and all until some elitist turd tries to go around trying show off. As a person who likes a good game, I was wondering if there are counters at least seeing how there is no longer side stepping, or is this game just going to be another masher?


General Strategy


Can this guy just get banned before he makes any other posts the same way that babies in China are drowned?


Infracted and moved to the Mortal Kombat forum.


I find it funny how the top is separated making it seem like there should be a difference.

That other guy is just mad because SNK is possible the worst fighting game on the new consoles.

A fraction happy person, 2 points? Like it matters. Seeing how all I had to do was scroll down, you can delete this thread if want.


2nd infraction given, thread closed.