MK9's goal: be "the 'gold standard' for network play"

Good luck on that, Midway. Doubly so if you don’t bother with GGPO. :rofl:

MKvsDC’s netplay was a joke. You have a LONG way to go, Mr. Boon.

They need to worry about making the fighting engine the “gold” standard. An uder networking code won’t matter if you can still do a duck jab infinite


I think the Mortal Kombat franchise is at a point where it needs to be stripped away of its ‘fighting game’ classification (kind of like Smash). :rolleyes:

The irony is that some people actually play Smash… so I guess that puts MK at even lower tier of gaming. :rofl:

Ponder does SRK
Ponder does jab jab dp fadc ULTRA
Boon down to no life
Boon’s body swaying around
Ponder puts Mortal Kombat 2 on GGPO
Ponder wins. HUMILIATION.



sounds good, boon would never talk out his ass and make outrageous claims during a MK’s development.

lol now all we need is dreamtr to write a strategy guide and talk about how great the game is rofl

Ed Boon has always been the official North American industry troll for fighting games. We have him, and Asia has DOA’s Tomonobu Itagaki.

  • Everybody is trolling Europe because they get their releases late or never.
  • In Mother Russia fighting games play you durhurhurh
  • Nobody trolls poor countries because they have it hard enough already. “Here guys, take this bootleg KOF machine, I hope you can find something to eat today.” :sad:

Really though, that write-up didn’t mention the word “netcode” anywhere. For a large-scale console fighting game release, there are plenty of ways that the experience could be generally improved upon: for example, match-making, player-finding, spectating, and statistics-tracking features. Perhaps this is what they’re talking about. Maybe, just maybe, they have a innovative, inspired, powerful vision of what an online experience could possibly offer.

Well that, or maybe they’re just adding on a shitload of minigames.

I have a feeling Warner Brothers “ideas” also played a hand in turning F.E.A.R. from a scary and immersive (albeit straightforward) game into a console easy mode shitfest FPS for F.E.A.R. 2.

Not that Mortal Kombat really has anywhere to fall, seeing as it’s already bottom of the barrel.

Unless it goes back to 2D and UMK3 gameplay I don’t care.

whats the point of beastly netcode when no one will play their shitty games?

Even with ###### netcodes MKD, MKA and MK vs DC got/get decent amount of play online. Even UMK3 is played a lot everytime I got online. Sadly the 3 first games werent THAT good. If we are talking that those online players are 80% scrubs wantin to do their fav fatality or pro players is debatible. The fact is that those games had/have their fan base.

They need to convince me that MK is fun to play/a competant fighter before I’ll care about buying the next iteration. Netcode is the least of this series problems.

I cant wait for the extra content that will be in this game. I always wondering what color socks Ermac wears.


MK is the Friday the 13th of fighting games. There are too many of them, they’re never good, and they’re still making them for some god damn reason.

At least Midway is trying to makes strides with Netcode, unlike a certain company COUGH SNK COUGH


great joke :rofl:

Indeed. People need to do more research.

Ed Boon already waving around a non-existing e-p*nis… this is getting worse than ever :confused: