MKA Special Edition umk3 Request

I have a request to everyone about MK Armageddon Special edition with Umk3 actually this game is not available in Pakistan if anyone from here air mail me the mka special edition cd included umk3 i will thankful for him/her who air mail me

If you want it JUST to play UMK3, you are wasting your money (not to mention MKA is pure garbage)

The port of UMK3 is poor, at best. Plus the worst thing is the hidden characters (Mileena, Ermac and Classic Sub-Zero) are not unlocked and when you do unlock them, they are not saved as unlocked. So everytime you turn the game on, you must re-unlock them, which is a pain in the ass.

thanks but i won’t play online this game unlock character every time it’s not pain i will it it’s not a big deal because i am arranging umk3 tournament along with Armageddon tournament in Pakistan that’s will Pakistan biggest tournament ever 2nd thing right now i am not in condition to pay money if someone played too much and if he/she air mail me free of cost that’s good for by the way how much cost will be mka premium edition maybe i can give money him/her.

Oh snaps international Armageddon tournament. Hell has just frozen over. :lol:

But TimStatic is right, that version of UMK3 is not good. You’re better off playing it on Mame.

MKA is NOT favored in this country. They’re like two people who really like this game. I’m one of them…and the other is probably some homeless guy using copies of the game to keep themselves warm as feed to a fire.

Ok could you please tell UMK3 Arcade is available in your country and how much cost is this? my team wants to play umk3 on Arcade Machine