MKU UMK3 Online Tournament

Taken from MKU UMK3 Online Tournament - Mortal Kombat United

1st Place: Mortal Kombat 9 TE with Stick for system of your choice + Premium membership

2nd place: Shot Glass engraved with your gamertag on it and character name of choice, Dragon Logo, as well as premium membership

3rd place: Premium membership

Rules are simple

UMK3 on Mame. If you and your opponant want to play on XBOX live you may but keep in mind you’ll eventually run in to someone who doesnt have a XBOX so you will be required to get the UMK3 Mame version.

32 participants required for tournament to go forward but will take more if more interest.

All characters are allowed

infs allowed if you can do them - umk3 infs take skill - period

Best out of 7 until Finals then it’s first to 10 (only have to win by 1)

ONLY LOSER can pick new character - if you win a round you must keep same character - this helps control counterpicking - if enough disagree im open to changing this

If you have any problem with any rule then don’t sign up - we at MKU don’t put up with crap or crybabies.

Must be a registered member of the site as all details will be discussed here. in this thread.

Each participant must schedule their match through PM (private message) and then post time agreed upon in this thread for me to make note. If a player does not meet for their scheduled time then you recieve one mulligan and after this it’s DQ’ed and I don’t care for your feelings. If participants cant agree upon a time then I will pick one. If both can’t make the time I pick then i’m sorry. World won’t wait for you!

Match ups will be drawn out of a hat, filmed and posted in this thread. Deadline for sign ups will be Feb 25th.

Sign Up now as I will post bracket shortly. Retweet this page’s link on twitter and advertise on all sites.

Any Questions? I answer fast

Good luck to all and post in here if you’re participating.

Come on people sign up! only have 12 more spots to fill!