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Hi all, im 16 years old and from singapore. My friends introduced me to street fighter a few months back and im pretty crazy about it right now. Heh what better way to express my love for the game than to do some fanart. Im having my holidays now, so i hope to churn out more fanart of my favourite characters soon.

Im not much of a chun li player but she easily ranks as one of my favourite characters (for obvious reasons :rofl:) Sketched with pencil before painting over digitally in photoshop cs2 and painter IX. Hope yall dig.

The quick, very quick pencils before i scanned them in for coloring.


Improved version of the pic

You goddamned singapoor mother fuckers with your digital paints, that’s really really good.

You should have given her giant muscle legs like in the third strike art, but that is a matter of taste rather then an actual complain about your work.

thumbs up

hot damnzz!!!, 16 years old? wow you really got talent…i like to see more from you…

you can only be a cool artist if youre 16 years old…B7)

Heh wow thanks for the kind comments. I upload my work onto my devart account at ml-11mk.deviantart.com. Ill keep this thread purely for SF related paintings and sketches :lol:

hello mkus, welcome to SRK fanart!
this is rook (http://rook-over-here.deviantart.com), btw… we met briefly at Managaka’07.

killer Chun pic. looking forward to more from you :slight_smile:

btw we don’t have to limit artwork to just Street Fighter fanart…

Hey gorgeous!.. I meant your artwork!..

I saw your beautiful BG works as well!.. Totally rad–I can’t do backgrounds…yet… :wink: But I’m working on it… Anywayz, I really dig them… And for a sixteen year-old artist as well… Now that’s something!..

Question: Why do you colour them in PS and Painter?.. Why not just stick to one?.. (Granted PS has got some better features than Painter and vice-versa)…

rook: Thanks! Didnt know you were a monderator on here.

seba: Well for me, i find organic parts like skin and hair easier to paint in painter. Most of the time i start of in painter and tighten stuff like lighting and textures in photoshop. It’s is just so much more powerful and convenient when it comes to fine tuning your work and doing color correction (and of course since my computer can run both simultaneously, why not?) :lol:

Done for the fanart challenge. Meryl Silverburgh. 3b mechanical pencils and photoshop.

Great job on Meryll man, just a little more work needed on her hands as they feel a little disjointed… They’re not that bad though… Hands can be a pain to draw anywayz… Can’t critique badly otherwise as your style’s pretty good…

And I agree with you on Painter being better for painting skin and hair (I so do–it’s much more of a breeze–I use the digital watercolours)… But don’t you find that the quality downgrades a bit when saving a PSD file in Painter?.. I once did a project and always saved my file as a PSD and my colours changed bit by bit each time I open my file to work on it… By the end, my original lineart and colours were so off, they looked like crap… Can’t remember if I was saving them as RGB or CMYK though… And while I love painting in Painter, transforming images, and layer attributes are a total joke though… There’s too much hassle involved and the end result usually looks a little blurry (on the rotating option)…

Thanks for the crit! Will take note of that.

Well i never noticed anything about the quality downgrading. Maybe its because i tend to work with a rather large canvas size (almost always above A3) Id say painter really is a ‘painting’ programme that really keeps to the entire notion of painting. Right now i still cant do without the multiple adjustment layers and liquify function in photoshop :stuck_out_tongue: (the rotate function in painter is seriously the bomb tho. Wish they’d add that in photoshop)

fucking 16 yr olds. you’re too good for that age!! =(

about chunners - awesome coloring. but i’m kinda iffy about the neck size. i think it’s the collar.

about Meryl - fucking top notch.

Thanks tokoyama. Will rework the collar when i have time (thanks for pointing it out). Your work is goddam badass!

Another piece i finished a few days back. High res: http://ml-11mk.deviantart.com/art/lone-ranger-64248800


And heres a cyborg ninja for the fanart challenge. Inspired by SMFC.

New update. Girl in mech. Think ill start hitting my sketch books. Got to do alot more practice …

Rough sketch that i painted over. Didnt exactly stick to the original lines as there were some major problems with the pose.


The final cged version. Around 2 days in painter IX and photoshop cs2.


hot shit!

You’re very good at rendering. One thing I would suggest is to pay attention more to where the core shadows are. They’re a little undefined in some places. One of the drawing instructor here at CCAD drill us all the time on core shadows. He says they’re like hidden enemies. Nevertheless, good stuff.

I checked out your Oriental Bridge landscape piece too. Nicely done! The texturing is very awesome and the design is well thought out as well. Couple of things I noticed:

-the perspective on the bridge is a little wonky. The side farther away should have the same arc as the once closer to us.

-the leaves on the right, and left and right rocky sides need more “visual spaces” in between them. There aren’t enough differences between edges and colors to push them apart. You can achieve this easily by desaturating the colors, and softening the edges as you go farther away. Details will blend together more as you go farther too.

Probably the best ones here for your age man. Very solid work. Hell I didn’t didn’t start using ps or the computer till I was 19! Younsters these days are getting crazy.

Anyways, I like your new piece a lot. Design wise it’s very cool, but I think you can use more shapes. One thing i see happening is repetitive shaping for the mech machine. Varying up the shapes would help a lot. Color wise, I think her costume could use a different color. Try white. She’s our focal point so she can stnd out a bit more. As for the little red device, I think that takes away and steers the focal point elsewhere. Overall solid work.

Overall, nice work, and welcome to SRK.


Very nice stuff, everyone has pointed what needs to be said already, keep up the great work.

the last drawing reminds me a lot of Artgerm’s work.

the coloring’s amazing as usual.
My only complaints are the same as SFMC’s. Your rendering is top notch, but my eye wanders around a bit before finding the focal point.

amazing stuff

“Girl in the Mech” pic is really well done. A nice nod to Artgerm’s pic, indeed.

I’d give more comments, but pretty much what can be said in terms of crit has been said already.
You have a very nice style that I’m envious of :slight_smile:

what does painter IX do
u shud do tutorials :wink: