MLB 2019 thread: Almost to October


New year coming…new thread.

But for real…

These fucking contracts…

No matter…I’m still rooting for my White Sox.

I know they are still a work in progress.

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I’m gonna try going to another majors game this year. The Rangers are straight garbage tier, and I want to see them get destroyed by anyone, especially the Dodgers.

Serves the Rangers right after they dumped Nolan Ryan out for the bullshit leadership and GM they have now.

Edit #2: Goddamn, why would they give Harper that much fucking money?

Angels and Trout with that “hold my beer” shit…

Philly going to regret that Harper contract, he is already on a downturn.

A good signing for the southside…

Ichiro has earned it…

Ichiro is a guaranteed HOF, there should be no debate.

The season has officially started…rooting for the Southside.

Rooting for the Rangers to be dead last, while the Dodgers finally get their World Series Champions rings.

anyone know where i can watch mets live stream online without getting a virus. i cancelled my cable.

Aside from…dunno.

went to 3 Rangers games in the last two months. First one was with tickets comped from work, then the last two were due to discount pricing the organization had. Possibly going to one more this season as well, and perhaps the final game at Globe Life if we have money to go.

Also, there’s this:

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Puig gets traded to Cleveland…no fucks given.

That’s cool…

That’s a feat…